firmware , software to control speed on network clients

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by ladanow, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. ladanow

    ladanow Network Guru Member

    Dear all

    I have AG241

    Can i find firmware , software to control speed on network clients

    or to give more priority to some one

    i really suffer from other people who Download with torrent programs for 24 hours ,, 7 days aweek

    Please help me
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    firstly STOP spamming, you posted this 7 times in different forums. there is no need for that and against our forums policies.

    1. what country are you in? i need to know for firmware updates

    2. you can control the network by QoS, and allowing High priority for HTTP FTP POP3 etc and adding the file sharing ports and setting them for low priority.

    who owns the ADSL router and service? i take it this is a shared network but if you have administration and want to stop the serviced then add access restriction policies to the router and block their services at specific times.
  3. ladanow

    ladanow Network Guru Member

    Thanks for ur reply

    Firstly Sorry for bothering you .. really i didn't mean to spam .. the problem is i don't know in which section should I add my topic ,, Because there is no section for AG241

    Answers of your question

    1- I am from Egypt .. and My router is AG241 - EU European Firmware

    ==== I am the router Admin ====

    The original firmware was 1.00.4 and i updated to 1.00.23 ..the least EU update

    2- I can set the HTTP FTP POP3 for high Qos .... but i want to limit other clients torrents download...and Qos work on specific port ..and torrents use alot of ports ...

    3- I really tried the Access restriction ... I set the MAC address of users who download alot ... I can totally deny them from internet ..but i need to limit ..or reduce torrents load...

    I tried to define a new Blocked Service start from port 82 to 63000 ( just allow them browsing :) ) but they still download ! !

    Sorry sorry again for bothering you

  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    you could also try disabling UPnP as this opens ports when needed buy applications and forwards them to the correct IP internal address.

    without UPnP it makes life harder for them.
  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    most bittorrent ports are 6881-6999 TCP try port forwarding these to a fake IP address.

    The trackers to which BitTorrent must connect usually are on port 6969, so the client must have outbound access on this port. port forward that to a fake address also.
  6. ladanow

    ladanow Network Guru Member

    I already do this ... i feel very high traffic
  7. ladanow

    ladanow Network Guru Member

    ok i will try this method ..

    asi told u i blocked 82 to 62000 but now ..

    ok i will try ... but if there is a software control this ,, it will be great if there is a software control it ... like speedtouch ..tjere is a software which allow this control

    Is there any Third party firmware to for AG241

    Thank u very much .. and sorry for bothering u
  8. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    no 3rd party firmware.

    as to a software control, where exactly would you want the software be installed?

    the only other option is to install a seperate firewall. if you have a spare PC then put this behind the AG241.

    then you PC plugs into a port on the AG241. the rest go into a hub and then into the firewall PC running something like m0n0wall. you'll need 2 network cards however for the PC.

    you allow only port 80, 25 and 110 outbound. that way they wont be able to do anything else apart from surf and pickup mail.
  9. ladanow

    ladanow Network Guru Member

    I mean s software installed on PC and communicate and control the router

    I guess a programe like Netcut .. but i want net control

    So ... another small question there is a software to view or montor the internet trafic on the Lan ..and show which users make highest trafic

    The other soln is good idea .. but need another PC which is unavilable

  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    no there is no software to "control" the router. to control the "network" you need far more intelligent software. the routers software does the bare minimum.

    you say a PC is unavailable, however you only need a basic PC to run monowall. even a 386 with 64Mb of ram will do.

    if that is no option then you'll need a deadicated router/firewall that offers extra filtering and rules something like the dlink DI-804HV.

    the only other option if YOU yourself dont want them to use p2p is to pull the plug on them, tell them not to use filesharing or else they loose connection.

    have you tried setting up access policies even for time of day?
  11. ladanow

    ladanow Network Guru Member

    Thank u Mr. Toxic

    I will try to have another PC P3 .. It doen's cost much i guess

    I tried the access plicies before ...but it totaly prevent them from internet lol

    I want some thing elese/// Is there is a software to inform me about active ports on the network ... Ports which people commumicate with ..

    in my old speedtouch .i had an option from telenet called " nat list " which allow me to monitor every thing ,, i need something like this...

  12. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    then i suggest use a speedtouch:) the linksys doesn't have this feature.
  13. wifistiens

    wifistiens Network Guru Member

    I had the same problem, fixed it by using an old computer, installed it with "clarkconnect" wich is free routing software and placed it between the ag241 and rest of the network, now I can limit bandwith for users, and aplications ... works really fine for me ! ...

    If now I could only get the stupid ag241 working on ADSL2 I would ben happy...
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