Firmware update crash on WVC54G wireless network camera

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by p33133, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. p33133

    p33133 Guest

    Please can someone help me on this :-

    I was uploading new firware to the WVC54G wireless Network Video Camera - via ethernet cable, when I had a power cut. The upload according to the status bar was about 1/4 through the process.

    Now the WVC54G will not boot and run, and the status leds are showing :

    ready - Flashing rapidly
    ACT'Link - off
    Ethernet - on, and flashes when Traffic to camera
    Wireless - off
    Large LCD screen - completly blank.

    I have tried the reset button.
    I have tried doing a hard reset by pushing button for 30 seconds, then uplugging the power keeping button pressed for a further 30 seconds, then putting power back in and keeping the button pressed to another 30 seconds.

    This did not work.

    I cannot ping the camera at default address Even my network monitor cannot see the camera, but could before the crash.

    I'm now totally at a loss. Can anyone suggest anything ?

    Many thanks
  2. dchabanol

    dchabanol Network Guru Member


    I have the same kind of problem and the only answer of linksys is that they can replace the equipement ....
    I also tried this tool but it didn't work for me yet :

    Did you finally find a solution ?

    Best regards,
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