Firmware v3.xx on old WAP54G ?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by hj, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. hj

    hj Network Guru Member

    On the linksys page, we can see:
    Last Firmware Version:    v3.03, Sept 1, 2005
    Version 3.03, Sept 1, 2005
    - Improve Hardware SES push button response time (ver.3 only)
    - [B]Adds SES support to version 1 & ver 2 in user interface.[/B]
    Version 3.01 (ver.3 initial release)
    - Adds SES support
    Can I upgrade an old WAP54G (european version: v1, v1.1 or v2) with this new v3.03 version ?
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    I am running V3.03 US on a version 2.0 WAP54G US, but be warned to reset the WAP54G to factory defaults before doing the firmware upgrade and do the upgrade through a wired connection only.
  3. addeh

    addeh Network Guru Member


    I thought I'd bricked my WAP54G when I did this but no. You don't need to reset before the upgrade, just do the upgrade, then reset it and cycle the power. When you start it up again the default IP will be In order to access it you MUST have access to the 192.168.1.x range (some people with 192.168.0.x ranges will not be able to access the AP until subnetting is enabled).

    Alternatively, set a static IP on a wireless CLIENT to or something, and configure it from there.

    Any more information required just ask. Good luck :)
  4. hj

    hj Network Guru Member

    There is also a 3.02 version on Linksys FTP: or LinksysWAP54G-Cisco-EU-DE-fw-3.02.03.trx.05
    But no changelog and this version doesn't appear on Linksys website. I suppose this 3.02 version is more adapted for european wap54g, no ?

    I don't like the Linksys policy about their firmware (too many different version for europen/US version, no precision on which version firmware can be installer, ...)
  5. addeh

    addeh Network Guru Member


    Yeah, Linksys have too many versions of their firmwares.. but I am using whatever version is on Linksys' main website... i've heard the only reason they have different versions is because of different jurisdictions. For example, the maximum power output, amount of channels allowed, etc. But unless Linksys make it clear which version they are providing you with, I'm hardly bothered about any legal repurcussions.
  6. Stinksys

    Stinksys Network Guru Member

    I use 3.04 on version 1 hardware. Have been steadily upgrading it over the years. In fact, it works better than my version 3 hardware, which now has a bogus MAC address after 3.03->3.04.
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