First Timer Wireless Network Setup.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sauzeech, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. sauzeech

    sauzeech Network Guru Member

    2 USB wireless adapters on each PC. One Wireless Printserver attached via usb to the printer. One Wioreless Router connected to my broadband modem. Here is the question. All of these should see eachother wirelessly correct? I do not have to have any one of these physically connected to the router right?

  2. xrattiracer

    xrattiracer Network Guru Member

    shouldnt be a problem as long as they are all set to attach to the router.
  3. DBruceM2

    DBruceM2 Network Guru Member

    Be sure that if there is any software firewalls installed on the workstations that they are configured to allow the other PCs to share files. But other than that, should be no problem just like xrattiracer said before.
  4. sauzeech

    sauzeech Network Guru Member

    How do you set a wireless device to attach to the router?
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