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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by darkside80, May 5, 2008.

  1. darkside80

    darkside80 Guest

    Recently purchased a Linksys WRT54GL and installed Tomato 1.19 on it.
    Everything runs great whit 2 minor exceptions:
    -using wireless my average download speed is down from the usual 3.5 MB/s to 2.3Mb/s
    -the signal quality reported by tomato won’t get over 35
    I have tried 4 wireless cards .Even if the router is next to the computer, or several meters away the signal strength is maximal and the signal quality is around 30.
    I am using a PPoE connection and Vista X64 SP1
    I have tried different channels and different Beacon intervals. The power of the radio emitter is the tomato default 42mW. I have tried raising that but my signal strength is already max and it had no effect on the quality. The only source of interference that I know off is a wireless phone, but even unplugging the phone has no effect.
    Any suggestions on how to max my signal quality and my download speed would be appreciated :).
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Are you connecting at 54Mbps, what units is your quality reported, if that is dB maybe its fine!

    Not sure about Vista, but for download speed check your basic TCP/IP settings using

    using wired or wireless. Wireless may have slightly higher latency and/or your PC may default to different RWIN values between wired/wireless.
  3. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    1) The quality you are reading as 35 or 30 is [signal strength - noise] decibel (dB). A 30 or 35 reading is pretty good, and improving that would probably not yield better speed.
    A signal quality of about 30 or more is just about full strength. (If there was a % indicator in Tomato it would read 100% as soon as your quality hits about 30 [IMO])..

    However, make sure your router's and adapter's antennas are oriented the same way (usually both pointing straight up).
    If you have a utility on your PC that can read Tomato's signal and noise to the adapter, use that.
    Try different channels. Interference come in many (invisible) forms.
    Make sure Frame Burst is on, both in Tomato and a similarly termed parameter in the wireless adapter driver.

    2) The 42mW you mention is the Transmit power of the Tomato router's wireless signal. Increasing/decreasing that would not change the signal that Tomato RECEIVES from your card.
    On the same point - if you router is just "several meters away" from your PC, and no obstacles in between, I'd suggest you drop the Tomato Tx power to around 10mW, as the strong signal may be "flooding" the wireless from your adapter.

    3) You indicate "usual 3.5MB/s" and "2.3Mb/s". I assume the 3.5 was with a wired connection, and further that both indicators mean megaBytes per second?
    The best average you can expect with wireless is around 3 MB/s.

    4) Vista is full of "goodies" ;-( that make things go slow. Look at extra driver things on the wireless adapter, and if you find any, delete/uninstall. Make sure you have recent wireless drivers for your adapter. The ones that come with Vista, or with the CD for the adapter, is not necessarily the best ones. There are also a "Receive Window" (or similarly termed) parameter you can set in the registry. Search this forum for the exact parameter (it may be the TCP/IP settings or RWIN as indicated by mstombs).
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