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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mulanee, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. mulanee

    mulanee Network Guru Member

    Hi folks,

    Sorry for this basic question.
    I didn't find the answer on this forum.
    I want to use dhcp , because my job computer is like that and i'm not its admin.
    Nevertheless , due to ports forwarding , I want that my different computers have always the same ip.
    Where is it possible in setup page?
    I guess it has to be made by linking the name of the NIC with the IP.

  2. n7uv

    n7uv Network Guru Member

    Hi there -
    You don't say what kind of router you're using (at home? I assume), but there should be a page in the router setup where you can assign fixed IP addresses to individual computers.
    In my DLink DI524:
    Home>DHCP>Static IP
    1) Input the MAC address of the computer that you want a fixed IP for
    2) Input the IP address you wish to assign permanently to that machine.
    3) Click on "Enable"
    4) Click "Apply".

    Now when that machine is turned on and connects to that router, the IP address assigned will always be fixed.

  3. mulanee

    mulanee Network Guru Member


    Yes it is my home router.
    It is a wrt54g.
    Ok , I found the option for wireless , but I would appreciate to do the same for others.
  4. Thrasher

    Thrasher Network Guru Member

    You need to use a 3rd party firmware like dd-WRT, you can then tell the dhcp service on the router to give the same IP to a specific PC.

    HOWEVER......if there is another dhcp service running on another PC you cannot do that as you shouldn't have more than one DHCP service running on a network segment.
  5. n7uv

    n7uv Network Guru Member

    Re: Fixed IP for work machine brought home

    Good morning -
    Ok, I am assuming that you were successful in assigning a fixed IP address for your work machine. Sounds like you were using the machine's wireless connection to do so, is that correct?
    When you say "do the same for others", does that mean you want other machines in your house to have fixed IPs also? You should be able to assign fixed IPs for all the machines you have in the exact same manner. I'm not understanding something here if you mean something else.
    Note that assigning a fixed IP to a machine when it's connected wirelessly will not provide the same IP if you instead choose to connect it via wire. The MAC address of the wired ethernet connection is different from the MAC address of the WLAN connection. So you'll need to assign the same address to the machine's wired MAC address when it's connected via wired ethernet.
  6. mulanee

    mulanee Network Guru Member

    Thank you for the answers.
    I've now fixed the issue:
    I use Alchemy .
    I go to Administration
    In DHCPD , I tick enable
    I fill the blank like this: 05:11:06:12:96:16 toto 03:23:CC:4A:67:55 titi 02:67:4B:55:lk:1D tutu
    where is the assigned IP , 05:11:06:12:96:16 is the mac adress of the network card and toto is the name of the host.
    It works for wireless and no wireless.
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