FIX: WMP54gV4, Windows 98se

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by maxbell, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. maxbell

    maxbell Network Guru Member

    Your milage may vary...

    Short answer:
    1) Make certain your WMP is Version 4. This uses the ralink 2500 chipset; other models use Broadcom (apparently).

    2) Get the ralink driver:

    3) If you are using WPA/TKIP encryption, after installing the driver, you will need to open the C:\Program Files\RALINK\RT2500 Wireless LAN Card\Installer\WIN9X folder and run aegisI2.exe. This will enable the WPA/TKIP settings in the ralink monitor.

    Long answer:
    I bought my WMP54g wireless card about a month ago, slapped it in my box, ran setup off the CD and forgot about it. Worked fine. Then I noticed that the radio spectrum in my neighborhood was getting a little crowded and suddenly I started having the drop-off problems everyone is so fond of.

    I spent nearly a week trying to get my connectivity (ANY CONNECTIVITY) back; I reformatted, reinstalled Windows, updated my BIOS, updated the drivers for my motherboard, USB, monkied with PCI steering, ACPI settings, scoured google/microsoft/linksys (beating up on some sweet kid in a Linksysistan call center in the process -- I felt guilty as hell, but take MY job, willya...) and finally got far enough into the registry settings/drivers and this place to realize the WMP54g is based off of ralink's chipset -- which caused me to suspect I might be able to use their drivers.

    Though the ralink 2500 driver is a large download (21megs) and a miserable slog with dial-up, given that I can vouch for how many other options DON'T work, I'd strongly recommend trying their driver, first.

    Now, to fire off an email to linksys and see if they actually do anything with this, themselves... (Doubtful)
  2. maxbell

    maxbell Network Guru Member


    That's what I get for going off half-cocked.

    Same solution also works with the linksys driver.

    The aegisI2 executable winds up installed in the linksys\0004 folder in program files.

    Still. What I wanna know is: after all this time, how is it that I haven't stumbled across mention of this file?
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