flaky internet connecting using v22 final on v3.0

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by xb0xb0y, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. xb0xb0y

    xb0xb0y Network Guru Member

    I have a M$ MN-740 adapter with a hacked D-Link DGL-3420 firmware to give it WPA support. I've been trying to hook it up to my WRT54G via WPA and I haven't been successful. The person who provided the DGL-3420 firmware says he's manage to connect the two using Sveasoft Alchemy firmware. I tried that and it keeps bricking my router. So I tried the DD-WRT v22 final firmware, but then my internet is unstable, and trying to connect via WPA still doesn't work.

    Anyone know why I'm having so much problems with third-party firmware? Only seems the Linksys firmware works on my router. I'm currently using the O/C 4.00.7 firmware to correct the dropped wireless connection problem! :p
  2. TheIndividual

    TheIndividual Network Guru Member

    Flashing to Alchemy or Talisman shouldn'T be a problem as long as you reset to factory default before (and maybe after) flashing.
  3. xb0xb0y

    xb0xb0y Network Guru Member

    i did that, didn't seem to help with my problems with those firmware. do i have to do anything else? like a hard reboot? my v3 wrt54g seems to only like the 4.00.7 firmware. :(
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