Flashed from 23 to 22 (maybe not so good...)

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by 69mws, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. 69mws

    69mws Network Guru Member

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to flash my WRT54GS V4 from dd-wrt23 to dd-wrt22, because I had speed issues with transfers from PC to Xbox and wanted to try another version of dd-wrt, since I couldn't find any other problem.

    Well, flashing was a success, but since then the power-led is just blinking and I can't even ping the router anymore....

    Is this somehow not recommended (flashing to an older version) and is there anything I can do besides trying the 'advanced debricking-method'?

    I apologise in advance for this possibly stupid question.....

  2. shawnmcw

    shawnmcw Network Guru Member

    I had to do the same thing due to issues with torrent transfers locking up web traffic over time and had the same thing happen. All i had to do was unplug the router for a few seconds, plug it back in, wait for the router to come back up(about 30 seconds or so) and then everything was up and ok with v22.

    it's always good to do a reset by holding the reset button on the back of the router for about 30 seconds before upgrading or downgrading the firmware and then after doing the upgrade or downgrade again.

    all should be fine at that point other than having to reconfigure your router for your connection and such.
  3. 69mws

    69mws Network Guru Member

    Yeah, I did the '30 second reset' before flashing and I also unplugged it even for some hours, but it didn't help.

    Well, that's how it is, can't help it. Maybe I'm lucky and amazon will take it back, I didn't mention the thing about flashing of course... ;)

  4. pewter

    pewter Network Guru Member


    if amazon wont take it back you can still debrick it on your own.
    its not that difficult. all you need is a paperclip and nerves.
    here is a good howto with loads of images:


    i used it too when i debricked my wrt54gsv4 for the first time.
    for the WRT54GSv4, our revision, use pin15^16pin.


    have fun,
  5. 69mws

    69mws Network Guru Member

    Servus (I'm from Germany too) :)

    That's right, it doesn't seem to be that hard, I already saw that guide on this site here :)

    But I wanted to try giving it back first, since it's just two weeks old and by opening it I would break this seal, which would definately void the guarantee.....and what the heck, I already ordered a new one...worst thing that can happen, that I would end up with two routers, I would have to debrick the first one and I learned a lesson....and maybe there's an old saying like "It hurts noone if you have two wireless routers...." :grin:

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