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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by rickjames22, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. rickjames22

    rickjames22 Guest

    Hi Everyone,
    Let me say that I didn't expect this post to be this long and it is b/c I thought the more information I share the better the chances are to fix the matter, so please bear with me on this... thanks! Smile

    I have a Linksys 54GL router that I flashed up to dd-wrt v24 sp2 from v23 sp1. Since that point my torrent files are not downloading above 30 kB/s. I did some research on the matter and tried changing the ip
    IP Filter Settings for P2P.
    Maximum Ports
    TCP Timeout (in seconds)
    UDP Timeout (in seconds)
    I played with that a bit and changed up to 300 and that did not work either.

    I suspected that it might be the router since the cut over to the new release, so I got used my back up Linksys 54GL as a litmus test which was still in the box ironically so I know it was not ever used. It still has the original Linksys firmware on it. I connected directly to it, and the linksys to my dsl modem.

    I setup the port that I wanted to forward. From there I decided to look at software too. I shutdown my firewall completely first.
    Than I checked my bt clients ports and made sure it was open and forward correctly in the router. Then I tested to see if that port was open. It was open according to OpenIP:

    "Success: I can see your service on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx on port (61607)
    Your ISP is not blocking port 61607"

    I was downloading torrents at full speed without any delay with my second test unit.

    I shutdown my bt client, and swapped back the original 54gl with dd-wrt v24 sp2 on it, and the same problem occurred, it will not download past 30 kB/s.

    I would like flash my router back to the older version of the dd-wrt that I had prior, and was wondering how I could go about doing that? I don't really WANT to do that but I think that might be my only option at this point.

    If anyone has any suggestions, thoughts, ideas as how I may be able to fix this problem with the current version of dd-wrt that they can share, that would be great.

    Also it would be good to know how to flash the router back too...

    Any help at this point is greatly appreciated...

    Thanks all and sorry for the long post.

  2. AF35

    AF35 LI Guru Member

    Did you forward the port in your new DD-WRT router too??

    also, have you been downloading the same torrent file at similar time where the seed/leech ratio is the same?
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