Flashing version 4 and 5 WRT work around

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by CipherFX, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. CipherFX

    CipherFX Network Guru Member

    Hey Guyz,

    Does anyone know of a work around or anyway to successfully flash a version 4 or 5 WRT54G. I've flashed a few of them, and everytime it bricks my WRT54G I've flashed with several third party firmware versions as well as previous official linksys firmware version, it does not like any of them. I've been able to successfully debrick my WRT54G by shorting out the pins, but then when I attempt to flash again it bricks it. I'm hoping someone knows of a workaround or hopefully has some good thoughts or suggestions on this please let me know.
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  2. dirtyclyde

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    I have had a lot of problems with my wrt54g v4 two of them, just playing around with the different firmwares. Like the DD-WRT v23 firmware the best. Any way, here is what I have found.

    I have bricked this damn thing time and time again!

    My last Brick was when I loaded the HpyerWRT 4.20.8+ , this enlarged parts of my a?s? , tried to go back to DD-WRT v23 std.
    Could not go back to 4.20.7 stock firmware or any other firmware. I did not power cycle the WRT54G just tried the Gui update.

    I always tried to use the Gui update first, then if all else fails used the xxx.exe file from Linksys original firmware 4.20.7 and get the wrt54g back to stock firmware.

    I have found out by going with DD-WRT v23-mini version, telnet to router (root & admin) after the prompt nvram erase then reboot the wrt54g. You can not do this with stock firmware from Linksys.

    1) nvram erase
    2) reboot

    after that you can pretty much load HyperWRT, DD-WRT with the Gui update off the Admin page, always do a firmware reset after you update. During a Update force a static IP address of mask of

    what I usually do when I update to a new firmware.

    1) Gui page Admin factory reset to defaults.
    2) Set the Network Card to mask of
    I have bricked my several times because I lost my connection
    and do not use a wireless connection, use a wired connection.
    3) Gui page Admin Update the Firmware (should reboot)
    4) Gui page Admin reboot router
    5) Gui page Admin factory reset to defaults
    6) Gui all pages that I want or need to change, I never use backup off the Gui.

    maybe the different firmwares are different base loads and upgrade to a down grade are not premitted. Looks like maybe the "nvram erase" fixed.

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