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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by uffez, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. uffez

    uffez Network Guru Member

    Hi, I´m new to NSLU. Have a problem - I´m not able to format my LaCie 250 GB USB disk. It constantly fails and the box then has to be resetted the hard way. Any hints?
  2. Oisi

    Oisi Network Guru Member

    I had (have) the same problem with the Lacie 250gig.
    I could not format for love nor money until I used the R29 firmware, then it failed too but after a few tries it eventually worked.
    Now all works but it crashes after some time, it doesn't seem to corrupt files as others have reported but I cannot stay connected for more than 30 or so minutes.
    I am now considering buying a new HD enclosure for the 250 gig Seagate drive.
    Is anyone else using a Seagate 250gig Baracuda drive without problem?
    I hopen the compatibility problem is the enclosure and not the drive.
  3. uffez

    uffez Network Guru Member

    I have tried again several times with the same result. Annoying to not be able to analyze any kind of output. Even tried to format and partition it with ext3 on my Fedora box. Didn´t help, though. Would that be because of wrong partitioning, or what?
    Would I be better off using another disk which I can format properly, then upgrade to unslung5.5 so that I can use Telnet for issuing commands? Would really like to get a clue what the box is doing and what the problem is...
  4. beatgr

    beatgr Network Guru Member


    I would suggest using a good partition program (e.g. PartitionMagic for Win) to clean all partions off drive (hidden also).
    that may reoslve problems with the formatting.

  5. uffez

    uffez Network Guru Member

    It works now - removed all partitions using my Fedora box. So, the disc is OK. But, now I´m having network problems. Whenever I use the box for copying files it drops out after a few minutes. Not even accessible through Ping - must be restarted the hard way (power).
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