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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Toxic, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    XenForo has been upgraded to a newer version - v1.2.0

    New Features

    Amongst the new XenForo 1.2 features are the following:
    ...and much more.

    Also the Resources Manager has also been upgraded.

    Some of the bugs fixed in XFRM 1.0.2 include:
    • Merging an automatically created resource thread creates an inconsistency
    • Resource updates may not be deleted from the search index correctly
    • Reported resource links incorrectly load into an overlay
    • The username for automatic resource updates posts may not be updated correctly
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  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    TapaTalk v1.8.0 for XenForo updated

    Version 1.8.0 release

    Update Note:
    1. support new topic notification for subscribed forum for xenforo 1.2.0(push notification for new topic is displayed as push notification for replying subscribed thread currently)
    2. support subscribe forum function for xenforo 1.2.0
    3. support Xenforo tag push for xenforo 1.2.0
    4. support mark conversation unread feature
    5. support search user for app
    6. support showing attachment in conversation
    7. support guest report
    8. support profile sync in sign in
    9. support push controll optimization for app
    10. support ignore user feature
    11. optimize sign in function
    12. optimize update password function
    13. fix one online member count incorret problem
    14. fix a conversation cannot open issue
    15. fix member only cannot signin and register problem
    16. fix announcement open failure problem
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  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    TapaTalk updated again

    Version 1.8.1 release

    Update Note:

    1. Fix a major problem of loading forum list failure in last version
    2. Optimize smart banner
    3. Optimize error display
    4. Optimize push switch control
    5. Optimize guest only forum judgement
    6. Fix a forget password bug
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    XenForo updated to v1.21

    XenForo 1.2.1 fixes a number of bugs and issues that were in 1.2.0. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability. However, we have also made a few other improvements:
    • Moderators that have the "bypass user privacy" setting will now see when a user is banned. The username will be struck out in most cases.
    • There is now a rebuild cache tool to update trophies for all users. This will award any unawarded trophies and recalculate the trophy point totals.
    • There is now a rebuild cache tool to upgrade promotions for all users. Normally, promotions would only be run against active users. This tool will run the promotions against all users. This is mostly only relevant when adding or changing promotions and you want to ensure the changes are applied immediately.
    • There is now improved logging of fatal PHP errors. They will be logged with the other server error logs in the admin control panel.
    Most of the changes are bug fixes. Some of the bugs fixed include:
    • Improve character conversion options and defaults in the importers
    • Fix a number of issues when importing data from XenForo 1.2
    • Reduce memory usage in deferred classes (debug mode/installer/upgrader only)
    • Fix multi-select stylings in iOS/OS X
    • Adjust wrapping behavior of poll results
    • Detect if conversation totals are incorrect and recalculate when needed
    • Fix specific situations where CSS was not flipped in RTL
    • Fix the rich text editor in the admin CP
    • Ensure that a password is entered when registering
    • Change the copyright to not have a hard coded color
    • Fix the admin CP search being case sensitive
    • Fix an issue that prevented cron tasks from being run after failing
    • When editing a thread via the thread list, maintain the forum title if it's displayed
    • Use the "canonical" URL to avatars in an email
    • Improve RTL email display
    • Fix regular expression in RTE text processing failing with some PCRE setups and long posts
    • Improve pasting of certain HTML tags into the RTE
    • Fix cut/copy handling in the RTE in IE8
    • Fix Chrome and IE scrolling unexpected when pasting into the RTE
    • Ensure that the guest user object has all default user fields specified
    • Tweak the printable character count in signatures to be more accurate
    • Nofollow/noindex debug output to ensure it doesn't get indexed
    See the Resolved Bug Reports forum for further information.
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