frequent disconnections and reconnects

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by cljones81, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. cljones81

    cljones81 LI Guru Member

    Hi All:

    I recently purchased a WAG200g and the router keeps disconnecting from the internet and rapidly reconnecting and disconnecting over and over again. These disconnections are usually accompanied by an increase in downstream line attenuation of 44db

    This happened last night-I had just had my ip profile reset by bt after the last time this happened about 4 days before since, when it has been stable syncing at around 5000kb(up) and 448kb(down) with a downstream margin of 9-12db with a downstream attenuation of 40db

    I have a adsl filter faceplate fitted into which is plugged a 3 way adaptor into which is plugged 2 vintage 40's rotary phones(which I thought might be the source of the noise) and an amstrad mailer phone(again thought that the phones inbuilt modem might interfere with the dsl.)

    But I don't think thats the case as the line is stable for days before this will happen and to my way of thinking if it were the phones causing interference this might happen more often.

    My next thought was that the faceplate was not correctly fitted as I bought the faceplate from maplins and it appeared to be an American wiring standard but I wired it occurred to the instructions and it appears to work, (can phone and use dsl.)

    The last thing I've done is to upgrade my router firmware to the latest firmware 1.014(I think) from the uk linksys site and it is a bit more stable but the disconnections still do happen.

    In case it helps I've included my connection settings as an attachment

    connection settings.JPG

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    MTU should be 1492 or lower for ADSL

    is the connection to the adsl modem dropping or your wireless connection dropping?
  3. cljones81

    cljones81 LI Guru Member

    reply to Toxic's questions

    Thanks to Toxic for replying, I've changed my MTU value to 1360 and it is the router itself that disconnects itself from the internet.

    I found a beta version of the next firmware for my router model and upgraded the version on my router to this version in the hopes that it would fix the problem, no dice.

    Instead it ran stable for a few hours and the db value displayed some crazy value like 12347689db and disconnected itself and then auto reconnected itself to these values(see attached.)

    Which as you must agree pretty poor and when it does sync at decent speeds my downstream margin is very unstable flucuatating between 10db and 6db and sometimes even below that and will then either continue working or disconnect itself again but with an adsl faceplate I thought it was supposed to be much more stable whatever it is it is doing wonders for my ip profile.

    Once again thanks for any help

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  4. cljones81

    cljones81 LI Guru Member

    more info on my problem

    Hi All:

    I just took this screenshot of my connection states and I have to say Im a bit worried as it goes as low as 1db,then goes to 6db+ and then back down again. I thought fitting an adsl faceplate filter splitter would allow a make my margin more stable than this even at night when it will fluctuate more even though it has disconnected itself yet, amazingly.

    I followed the instructions that came with the faceplate so I cannot see how I could have installed it wrong, is there any uk wiring guides for adsl faceplates just in case?

    Please help

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  5. Gekko2

    Gekko2 Guest

  6. cljones81

    cljones81 LI Guru Member

    an update on my problem

    Hi All:

    Thanks to Toxic and Gekko2 for replying, I think I know what my problem is, I might be wrong so please feel free to correct me.

    I think my line is just not capable of handling the speeds that my router is currently syncing at and is causing my snr margin to hit the floor and then disconnecting.

    I've noticed recently while monitoring my line stats that if my router syncs at more than 3 meg, snr margin will quickly take a nose dive and disconnect itself.

    But if its syncs at under 3 meg, it will quite happily sit at around 10db downstream margin, I know that lowering my sync speed will improve my snr anyway but I really do think 3 meg is the just about the sweet spot for my line.

    My question is there a way I can change the speed my router will sync at without changing the modulation to G.lite which at 1.5 meg(down) and 512kb(up) max is a bit slow for running the 3 pcs in my network without having to phone my isp?

    Thanks again.
  7. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    I think you have a significant problem with your line, the downstream attenuation is usually double the upstream. As you seem to be in the UK can you plug your modem into the test socket behind the BT master faceplate - to check whether the problem is inside or outside your house.
  8. cljones81

    cljones81 LI Guru Member

    Another update

    Hi Again:

    I noticed that once or twice that my router would disconnect, if the phone would ring so I tried ring my house and picking up the phone several times, both in wireless and wired modes while monitoring my router to see if it disconnected. It didn't disconnect at anytime during these test so I think I can say that my faceplate is correctly wired and my connection has even been stable at a decent speed today.

    My sister did mention however that whenever I connected to the internet wirelessly it would disconnect her pc which is also wireless via 54meg wireless dongle.

    Could this be causing my router to disconnect from the internet or have my isp simply fixed a problem without phoning me, as I did report a speed problem to them a couple of weeks ago?
  9. Hank Freid

    Hank Freid Guest

    Disconnectivity of Device

    For this you must reset your modem or the device you are using. If the problem presists then check out you line distortion. otherwise replace your device after checking the voltage provided to devices


    hank freid
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    i would get an engineer out to check you line if the fluctuation is increasing all the time. I doubt the router is causing this but more of a problem on the POTS line itself.
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