Fresh Tomato R7000 Dual Wan Failover VoIP issues

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by hokie21, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. hokie21

    hokie21 Network Guru Member

    I've been attempting to implement Fresh Tomato 2019.2 dual wan with failover on an R7000 and have run in to several issues.

    1. I'm running VoIP and my Asterisk server attempts registration with my telephony service provider every 15 seconds, if it has not successfully registered. When this happens during a failover event, I can see my private IP of my Asterisk server is sometimes sent on the WAN. Of course when this happens, the responses from my Internet telephony service provider are lost and the registration is not successful because the ITSP can't route to my NAT private IPs. I've been playing with an WANUP script to disable the interfaces for 30 seconds. This doesn't seem to be working very well and it seems like the router locks up. This is a Tomato problem I first reported 10 years ago that still seems to be present. Stopping Asterisk for a few minutes and restarting always resolves the issue, but is not a very good solution for an automated failover situation.

    2. When I simulate a failover by pulling the coax from my cable modem, my router fails over to the backup WAN. A few minutes later my modem is no longer providing a WAN IP address through from the CMTS, but is providing a local (192.168.100.x) address via DHCP to my router. My router sees this and for some reason now assumes that the WAN is back up. After this happens, the router has the default route set to which is the management IP of the modem for the primary WAN. The default route during the failover event should be the gateway address of the backup WAN which is still present and working.

    Any ideas here? I'm sort of stuck.
  2. cloneman

    cloneman LI Guru Member

    Not sure but any kind of WAN failover requires a clear of the NAT table for VoIP to work when the connection switches. This is also true for other products like edgerouter and cisco, where I had to manually clear the NAT translation during a failover event or the VoIP connections would stick.
  3. hokie21

    hokie21 Network Guru Member

    An automatic failover that requires a manual operation each time? Also, it's not simply any existing NAT entry. The LAN source address should never be sent on the WAN, which is what I am seeing.
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