FreshTomato on a RT-AC68P (or RT-AC68U) operating as a Wireless Ethernet Bridge?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by digixmax, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. digixmax

    digixmax LI Guru Member

    Is there anyone who has run FreshTomato on a RT-AC68P (or RT-AC68U) operating as a Wireless Ethernet Bridge?

    If so, have you run into any issue?

  2. cbunt1

    cbunt1 Serious Server Member

    I can't speak for the RT68P/U models with any authority (the closest I have is an RT-66U B2), but if it's one of the models that can run Tomato (hardware differences, not sure which specific 68 models work) it should be fine...

    But, as a caveat, I'm fighting right now with my RT-AC66U over client modes and encryption. If you're connecting to an encrypted WLAN uplink, it might be dicey.

    These routers are pretty resilient though, and very difficult to actually brick (trust me, I've tried!) so I would have no heartburn giving it a shot, and if it doesn't work out, it's easy enough to flash back to where you are now.

    I'd be interested in following your results, since I think it might be relevant in my troubleshooting and code-chasing...
  3. digixmax

    digixmax LI Guru Member

    I installed FreshTomato 2019.1-beta on my RT-AC68P running as a Wireless Ethernet Bridge.

    Asus-Merlin did not allow me to "upgrade" to non-Asus FW, so I had to use the "rescue-mode boot & CFE mini-web server" FW installation method.

    It took two tries to get the FW installed (the mini-web server does not provide progress indicator during the FW upload which took several minutes, hence it looked like the upload stalled leading to a premature abort/retry on my part), and a subsequent hard-reset to get into the Tomato default landing page.

    It's been only about 12 hours, but so far so good. There is no issue with reaching NTP server to get & display current time (

    The only odd thing I noticed is the Power LED is not lit when the router is active.
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  4. digixmax

    digixmax LI Guru Member

    Going from Tomato back to Asus-Merlin using Tomato "upgrade" menu is also not possible (I got a "... bad header ..." error diagnostic message). To re-flash Asus-Merlin I had to use Asus Rescue utility (which is better than using CFE mini-web server interface).

    I also found that the Power LED wasn't blinking as it's supposed to do while the router is in rescue mode, so one simply has to start the FW upload in the Rescue utility as soon as any LED lits up.

    Needless to say, all this making going back and forth between Tomato and Asus/Asus-Merlin FWs kind of tedious to undertake for casual experimentation.

    I'm wondering if there are some Asus and Tomato FW build versions that can serve as intermediate "upgrade" files for these Asus<->Tomato FW transitions, same as the case with some Netgear router models.
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  5. Sean B.

    Sean B. Network Guru Member

    Try running this in Administration->System commands or a telnet/ssh shell:

    /sbin/gpio disable 3
    And see if your power LED turns on.
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