FreshTomato privacy. Non-free and other critics...

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by P2q000, Jun 3, 2019.

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    The fact that they do not have access to the codes of the Freshtomato does not characterize not recommendation. Does it cost guys to get in touch with the Freshtomato development community?
  3. lancethepants

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    It's true that some of tomato's code doesn't qualify as "free" software licensing, even excluding the binary blobs it contains.
    The creator of tomato Jonathon Zarate licensed much of his code as
    For use with Tomato Firmware only.
    No part of this file may be used without permission.
    The front-end code isn't "black box". You can see the code. It just has a (dumb) arbitrary license.
    Keith Moyer (who did the openvpn code) once asked Jonathon Zarate about the license and posted Jonathon's response. Can't remember exactly if it's here or at

    They also don't like not having ssl.
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  4. Cold Winter

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    "not having SSL"??? What openssl doesn't
  5. lancethepants

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  6. pedro311

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    Yeah, I asked @kille72 to fix this...
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