From Bad To Worse - Wet54g Bridge - Please Help!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by smileyface, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. smileyface

    smileyface Guest

    Hi everyone - can somebody help please, I'm exhausted with Linksys call centre.

    I have a Linksys WRT54-G Router. I have 2 pc's attached to this wirelessly and 1 x-box wired to the router with an ethernet cable.

    I have had this set-up for well over 12 months with no problems whatsoever.


    3 weeks ago my son wanted to buy an Ethernet Bridge with his xmas money so he could have an x-box in his room and still play on-line x-box games. We sourced the Linksys WET54-G Ethernet Bridge as the item we needed.

    On receipt of the bridge we needed to configure it so it would 'talk' to the router we have. I rang the Linksys call centre (on a Saturday) and after an hour and a half phone call was told to ring the UK number which is open Monday to Friday.

    The problem was that we could not get past the password window in the dialogue box for the Ethernet Bridge.

    I phoned the UK number on the following Monday and was told this was a business helpline only - and that I had to ring the call centre number once again.

    This I did and spent a further two hours on the phone while a lady had me doing altering all sorts of settings on my laptop pc (connected to the router by the ethernet cable). After two hours and still not being able to get pass the password screen for the Bridge, she concluded that the item was faulty and I should send it back to the supplier for a new one. During this call I voiced my fears that we were altering a lot of stuff on my laptop, the lady said not to worry, that she would make sure it was working ok before we ended the call. At the end of the call we checked that the laptop was working ok by the wireless laptop card (which it still is).

    I did this on the Tuesday and their engineer tested the item and found it to be working perfectly. I have now incurred a further £10 postage costs on this item. I had the choice of having it sent back to me or they could 're-stock' it but I would be charged a 15% fee.

    I still hadn't given up at this stage so asked for the item to be returned.

    This morning (Saturday) I set up all the items - the Laptop PC via the eithernet cable to the router - the Linksys Bridge also by ethernet cable to the router.

    However, I now have a problem with my laptop - it will not connect to the router via ethernet cable. Some setting has been changed. It will still connect to the internet via the wireless laptop card though. But I cannot configure the bridge unless my pc is connected to the router by ethernet cable.

    I called the Linksys call centre for help and was passed very quickly onto a 'Senior Technician'. This lady had me do two things through the start>run menu. A black box came up and I had to type in ping and some numbers. She said that the router was working fine, but that the laptop was not connecting to the router and she needed to go away and check the settings for the 'card' in the laptop. She asked the make of the Laptop but did not even ask for the model number before she ended the call - I had to give this information as I thought it was important. In the middle of the call she did advise me to take the laptop to the hardware supplier so they could check it out and fix it - at this point I nearly went ballistic as it is SO obvious that a setting has been changed and that's where the problem lies.

    She promised me she would ring me back today. That call was terminated at 2.30pm this afternoon. It is now 5.30 pm and there has been no call back.

    I am exhausted and totally disillusioned with this Company. I have e-mailed the UK Linksys with this problem, but I know I will not get a reply until mid week and as I work full-time I cannot take a call at home during the day to assist me.

    What started out as one problem - the Bridge configuration - has turned into a nightmare. I now have a laptop that I can only use wirelessly and if the router packs up for any reason, I cannot use the laptop with an ethernet cable!!

    Can anybody give me any advice? Where can I go with a complaint like this? OR if there are any very clever peeps out there who could help - I'd have my faith restored.

    Sorry it's been such a blog - but I needed to let off some steam somehow!

    My normally smiley face is a little bit on the sad side after this episode.....:frown:
  2. cyclo

    cyclo LI Guru Member

    I have 2 WET54Gs (the latest version, which is ver 3 I think) and I do recall having difficulty configuring one of them. I did flash both with the latest firmware off Linksys site (v 2.07). What I noticed when I was configuring the problematic one was that I was having difficulty getting to it thru the browser interface. I did recall having to unplug and replug its power source to reboot it a couple of times, and also using a different ethernet port on another PC... I used an nVidia ethernet port on a PC with an ASUS motherboard as opposed to the intel ethernet port on a PC with an Intel motherboard and I finally got it to work. I know that sounds crazy but I finally connected to it, and was able to set WPA encryption, etc. I also set it up so it uses a static IP address not automatically assigned by DHCP.

    I have since been using WRT54GL routers modded with DD-WRT and/or Tomato so I can use them in client bridge mode... much easier to configure than the WET54Gs... and cheaper too.
  3. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    the most likely cause for your lack of connectivity via the ethernet cable would be static IP settings. right click the icon for the (wired) network connection and choose properties and go down the list to "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" and choose "Properties" and make sure under the "General" tab that both sections (IP address & DNS) have "Obtain Automatically" set and the boxes greyed out.

    the only other thing that might stop you connecting to the router (other than it being completely borked) would br proxy settings in Internet Explorer, but I can't imagine any reason why the Linksys phone monkey would go anywhere near those settings.

    P.S. "Senior Technician" is the term used to describe someone who has been there more than a couple of weeks. ;) kind of like the "one star's" at McDonalds. :p
  4. dlaver

    dlaver Guest

    wet54g configuration

    had similar problem. emailed linksys and got a reply within
    a couple of days. followed instructions and everything went ok.
    see if this helps.

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  5. goober22

    goober22 Guest

    Don't know if you got your problem fixed by now but as far as the login issue, the WET54G I got has a user name and a password. All Linksys so far only had a password but this one has both.

    Use "admin" for both and you should be able to get in. I too spent quite awhile trying to login. the user manual said nothing about a user name, just the default password.
  6. domino57

    domino57 Guest

    Thanks Dlaver your txt file from linksys got me going, the intelligent people at linksys's call center tolded me to return it again this is my second one lol. i've been using it with my wrt54g running dd-wrt and its been running great thanks again
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