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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by YMEL, Jul 31, 2005.

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    Frustrated WRTP54G

    I purchased the WRTP54G WIRELESS G BROADBAND ROUTER a few weeks first everything seemed to be fine, but then i found that the wireless doesnt work! The wired ports work okay, I signed up with VONAGE a week ago and the phone port works okay also but not the wireless. The only change was 2 days ago i tried making a conference call and was not able to. I called Vonage customer service and the tech changed my software to an older version then my conferencing worked.

    But the wireless still doesnt work, the whole reason i got the wireless was for the laptop so this defeats the purpose.

    I even moved the lapto so its abot 2 feed from the router and still i cannot connect. Is this a known problem? is there a fix for this? should i return my Router?

    Several people spoke aboout firmaware how do i know which one i have?

    your help will be appreciated
  2. YMEL

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    After posting here, i decide to try linksys customer service live chat. they were very helpful even if it took a long time. the problem was solved going to the router setup and changing the wireless network mode to MIXED intead of G only. My LAN card is wireless B, once i changed it from G to mixed everything worked fine.

    they recommended this URL for future assistance:

    I hope this helps other people.

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