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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by sandyman, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. sandyman

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    I connected by Wap54G to a belkin cable router. With use of the software it does not detect the access point. I tried to type the IP adress into my IE but it would not find it. What should I do next?
  2. oopsibrokeit

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    the wap 54 is not very clever, it doesn't work unless you tell it exactly what it's doing.

    it depends what IP range the rest of your network is working in. you need to find that out before you do anything else. you need to use either winipcfg if you are using win98 or ipconfig from the command prompt using win2k/xp. you will then know what sort of IP to give your Wap. ie, your router might be working in the IP range range with a subnet of, but the wap's default is in the / range, so they won't talk to each other - which i expect is what you've observed.

    what you then need to do is connect it by ethernet cable directly into the network card of your PC and set your PC's IP address to in the properties, and then go to IE and type in the default IP of the router you can then set the wap IP address to be something like the one your router uses. I'd choose something miles away from what your router has handed out to your PC, for instance your PC might have originally been given address, i'd chose something like remember that address, you'll need it again!

    once you've saved the IP address you will be on different numbering schemes again and you won't be able to talk to the wap anymore. so you'll need to plug the wap back into the router, then plug your PC back into the router and set it to get a DHCP automatic address again. when you've got an IP address from your router (you can check this the same way as you checked to start with) you should be able to type the address of the wap that you just gave it and do all your config.

    don't forget to use WEP and to change the SSID to something custom, it helps to keep you secure!

    If you need more help, ask!
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