FTP problems with AG241

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dfstrottersfan, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. dfstrottersfan

    dfstrottersfan Network Guru Member

    I have been using FileZilla and other FTP programs successfully for some time but have recently changed from a D-Link ADSL router to a Linksys AG241.

    I am having real problems with FTP not only with FileZilla but with native FTP . I have manged to transfer some files; now without changing anything - in FileZilla or on the router I cannot transfer anything. All I get is retries and timeouts. It as if a capacity has been reached. These are small files 40 - 100 KB . if I try later I can again copy a file then I cannot. With the d-link I never had these issues but this router has many more settings.

    I do get a directory listing when the programs start also I can change file properties or delete files but the files I transfer have a size of 0 bytes.

    Can anyone help and point me to the necessary settings in my router.

    I have disabled ZoneAlarm and am using W2000 (no operating system firewall). I have not set up the firewall in the router. Anyway I have Passive mode set in FILEZILLA

    Thanks Allan
  2. dfstrottersfan

    dfstrottersfan Network Guru Member

    discovered that if I switch off passive mode and shut down zone alarm all is OK. Obviously do not want to shut down zone alarm so looking at port forwarding but I then need to supply an IP address - don't know which IP address to use

    Any help appreaciated
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