fttput fttget for WRTbwlog

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Josito, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Josito

    Josito Network Guru Member


    I have two routers using dd-wrt v22 prefinal 5 conected in WDS with wep ( I was not able to do it with wap maybe with V23 ???? )

    The point is that I installed a ftp server away in one computer out of my lan so I can backup and recover my files/logs for WRTbwlog.

    I can access to that FTP from any computer within my network but when I make a telnet to the wrt54g and from then I make ftpget or ftpput I am not gettin any result , not null nothing, looks like the WRT is not able to reach the ftp server, is not a problem of the ftp server soft ( I read about all the topics ) because in the other side the computer is not getting anything, looks like the WRT itself is not able to contact the server (any of the WRT ) , but from a computer connected to him I can, even whit the computer connected to the other router. :-??

    As well if any one can confirm is the WDS/WPA problems in mixed mode have been solved in V23 I would installed right away.

    Thx and regards.
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    WPA has been working with WDS since v22 final. Works in v23 as well.

    Regarding your other issue, I don't really have any suggestions. Can you ping the FTP server from the WRT?
  3. Josito

    Josito Network Guru Member

    First of all thx for the reply.

    After updating and hard resseting the router and entering all the parameters of configuration manually again, I have now wds and WPA working , I have to check in deep because it might lost the conection from time to time but It looks ok now.

    Regarding the other thing, I can ftp from any computer in my network to the remote ftp ( mine ), I can ping from any computer iin my network to the remote host and I get reply , as well I get reply if I ping from any of the two (wds ) routers, from the router I can ftpput and ftpget to a public ftp server, but I Cannot make ftpput or ftoget from the router to my remote ftp :eek: .

    I would say that something is wrong with ports or routing on my remote ftp but then How comes that I can connect to it from my computer that is behind the router ?.

    Thx to all and regards.
  4. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Try including the "--passive" parameter when using the commands.

    EDIT: It appears that the "--passive" option is not available... you could always try 'wget' to download the files although that won't help with uploading anything.
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