FULL OPTWARE Package for Tomato ND USB Firmware..

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Lost_Animal, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. Simbol84

    Simbol84 Addicted to LI Member

  2. Lost_Animal

    Lost_Animal Addicted to LI Member

    Ok, home sweet home....:biggrin:

    I am back from long business trip.

    I hope new optware package will be ready on time. (Late Sunday).:wink:

    Btw maybe this will be my last one due to short free time.

    Next week i will go on DD-WRT camp for a few weeks.. :wink:
  3. cyan

    cyan Addicted to LI Member

    can't wait for it..
  4. EricCartman

    EricCartman LI Guru Member

    Thank you
  5. pkdick

    pkdick LI Guru Member


    Is your optware package compatible with the Netgear WNR3500L ? : I only read in this thread for Asus routers, but this seems to be a linux system (I am a noob in this field)...

    Thank you in advance!
  6. zcream

    zcream Addicted to LI Member

    Uploading to youtube or vimeo from tomato

    I have been hunting for optware that will allow for a minimum web browser to run on tomato.

    I upload hd videos to vimeo and youtube and it would be extremely convenient to start the uploads and then switch off my computer.

    Unfortunately there is no ftp access for uploads, so the only option is to run a small web browser on the router that I can access remotely. And of course it has to be fla enabled..

    Is that at all possible ?
  7. Amuro

    Amuro LI Guru Member

    you can try elinks

    it is a text www browser that you access via command line, so it runs in tomato, in a ssh session to tomato. But I guess you would need to have the device you are ssh'ing from on until the upload is completed.

    -- I just read the flash enabled requirement - not sure the above applies, sorry.
  8. zcream

    zcream Addicted to LI Member

  9. zina79

    zina79 Network Newbie Member

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