fully wired new house, only one room get ethernetorking problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by balabu, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. balabu

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    We just moved into a brand new house. It comes with 5 cat5e jack and a centralized patch panel. We put the cable modem and router (ASUS N12 with tomato) in the patch panel and they are running very well. Wireless is working very well too. However, after I plugged in all ethernet cables in the patch panel to the 4 ethernet port at the back of the router, only one of the 4 rooms with ethernet jack can get internet. The jack on all other rooms seems not working. When I say not working, I mean the ethernet port on the computer is not even blinking. The jack has no signal at all.

    I suspect the cable might be broken, or the jack is broken. But since this is a brand new house (just finished 2 weeks ago), I doubt the cable is already broken. That leaves to the only option that the jack is broken. The only thing we did is to get the painter to paint the wall after the house is closed. I do remember though that the painter unscrewed the jack before the job (he did a good job). If so, how can I tell if the jack is broken or not ? Or are there any other possible reasons? Or should I just contact the builder, I am assuming there is some warranty since we just moved in.

    Any suggestions would be welcome
  2. Toxic

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    who done the wiring for you in the new house, has the patch panel to wall points been tested for connectivity? you can by a cheap lan tester that will test all twisted pairs within the cabling.
  3. dalexop

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    Fully Wired House

    Hey Balabu,
    connect a laptop's E-port to teach room and the proven working port on your switch.
    Those with working links will light green on your alptop's E-port.

    For those that do no connect, pull the face plate off the wall and check the wire to plate connetion. If they've been pulled off, then goto Home Depot and get yourself a wire tool to push the wires back onto the connector block.
    Typically the wires follow colors on the block. If not, look at the conntection in the basement, the position of each wire should be identical.

    Good luck !
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