FYI: Upslug works for NAS200

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by jac_goudsmit, Jul 6, 2008.

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    Yesterday I made the mistake of installing a firmware image to the NAS200 that didn't have anything in /dev, so it wouldn't boot up because it couldn't find its root device.

    I did some research and found out that the "upslug" program from the NSLU project on SourceForge is fully compatible with the "upgrade" command built into the ecos/RedBoot boot loader on the NAS200.

    That means if you're a developer and you ever end up bricking the NAS200 this way (or in a similar way), there's an easy way to revert to a working image as long as you can still access Redboot via Telnet or the serial port. Note that it does reset your MAC address and your configuration -- at least the part of your configuration that is stored in flash, so you should only use this as a last resort.

    For more information about accessing Redboot via Telnet, see The batch file on that page works great but of course you have to adapt it to the default address of the NAS200 which is If you already "descalped" the NAS200 and built a serial port, it's even easier.

    Once you're in the redboot prompt, simply give the "upgrade" command, and from a Linux computer on the same network, use a command similar to the following while you're logged in as root: "./upslug -i eth0 -f -u NAS200_V34R62.bin". Of course you have to download and compile the source for upslug first, they can be found in the NSLU SVN archive on SourceForge.


    PS once again, NEVER use the "flash" command on the Redboot command line on the NAS200, it will instantly brick the device because it copies whatever is at location 0x400000 to the Redboot area in the Flash. The only way to unpaint yourself from that corner is to use JTAG.
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