Gaming Issues (WRT54GS)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Thrashm, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Thrashm

    Thrashm Guest

    Okay, there are three issues that I'm having on this forsaken network.
    First problem, is for Starcraft one computer on the network can host games that people can join, and the other computer cannot.
    Second problem, the one computer that can host, hosts a game, and the one that can't joins the game. And game get's started... In game it runs like 14kbps dial up downloading Lord of the Rings wish Special Features.

    I have forwarded ports for Starcraft, 4000-6119. I've tried disabling firewall. Manually assigning the computers to forwarded IPs. I've tried updating the firmware. Been to Linksys tech support three times. Put a gun to my head(almost succeeded).

    The only thing that made a damn difference, but didn't fix a thing. Was advice a friend gave me. Was to change starting IP to the computer that couldn't host joinable games. After doing that I could host joinable games, but the one that could before, now can't. And the linksys support kept ignoring this note.

    Third problem, X-Box live. Certain people, I cannot join their games, and they can't join mine. Always someone with a network. But not always people with networks I have this trouble with. Just a select set of people.
    When ever either of use directly connects and the other says on netowrk, we can join each other's games.

    I have ports forwarded, manually set IP for X-Box. Reset router, and modem a few times. Lost sanity and through feces like a monkey for a brief moment(well almost to that point), and again tried disabling firewall.

    The people here seem to down to earth networkign experiences. So I won't have to feel like I'm asking for help from someone reading a text book to me.
  2. hyapadi

    hyapadi Network Guru Member

    Try to use port triggering. It solve the port forwarding limitation which only allow forward 1 port to one specific IP.
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