Gaming + WRT54g = Lag

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by street_samurai, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. street_samurai

    street_samurai Network Guru Member

    Gaming + WRT54g wired = Lag


    I have a bit of a weird situation. I have a WRT54GL.

    Everything worked perfectly on my old ISP. Including Gaming etc.

    However, I recently changed to a new ISP (can't go back). Now everything is fine except gaming. Every little while (it seems random) my game (ET: Quake Wars) lags out for a minute or so (sometimes longer) then everything returns to normal. The gaming computer is connected using a wired ethernet connection.

    I tested gaming without the router and there is no lag, so I'm sure its a router issue (well a router issue related to my ISP).

    While I'm lagging out (my ping goes dances from 300-1000+) I can still have a VOIP conversation at the same time (with no dropouts). So it seems as if only the game's packets are being dropped/lost.

    I tried upgrading from Thibor 15c (Hyper 2.1b1) to Tomato 1.13 and there is no improvement. I also played around with the Qos settings but couldn't fix the problem.

    I've also tried various MTU settings 1400, 1450, 1452... same problem.

    Interestingly this same problem occurred before when I was on this ISP previously (with the same router) but it was cured when a switched ISPs...

    So the problem seems to be related to the interaction between the router and my ISP.

    Any thoughts on settings that I might be able to update in order to fix this problem would be fantastic!

  2. street_samurai

    street_samurai Network Guru Member

    Well I solved this myself. After troubleshooting every single possible problem, I concluded that it is a Router problem.

    Whether my router is faulty (everything else but gaming works perfectly and it worked fine on my old ISP) or whether this router just can't handle the game (doubtful since others don't seem to have any problems)... I decided to buy myself a new router. Since Linksys has generally pissed me off on my last two purchases from them, I bought a D-Link DGL-4300. The setup is crap but now that its working... no more problems with gaming and it has all the features I could ever need.

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