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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by d0nGsKiE, May 12, 2011.

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    Good day to all...

    I'm new to this forum. Please I need your Help newly purchased router that is Linksys wrt54GL and loaded it with official tomato 1.28 firmware found at this site I choose tomato over dd-wrt because of its QOS... my latency is now stable because of tomato and Toastman's Qos guide.. thnkx toastman i owe you a lot!... :thumbups: hehehe

    now, my problem is playing dota through garena at my lanshop business... when i logged in with my account through garena and enter into a room (i'm from philippines btw and my ISP is PLDT) all i get is X ping and when i launched warcraft 3 and proceed to lan no games created can be found... I followed Toastman's setup for QOS... pics are provided below...



    Tomato Conntrack/Netfilter


    Tomato Port Forward


    Tomato QoS Basic


    Tomato QoS Classification


    Please I need held... I also tried forwarding warcraft port which is 6112-6119 but to no avail... pls i need your help... :help:
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