[general] Help adding stuff to HYPERWRT

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by cool1two, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. cool1two

    cool1two Network Guru Member

    Well I'm Looking for some help..
    And it's ok to tell me where to go.. IE another forum.. :D

    I asked this question over at BBR
    But I thought that i would ask here too..

    i found this snmp thing http://www.microalcarria.com/descargas/software/firmware/Linksys_WRT54G/snmp/ a while back and wanted to know how to put it into my wrt54g. and since then i have seen users who have also put rddtool into there wrt54g. but i know nothing, and we don't have to qualify that stamement..

    so here is the idea :idea:
    i would like to build or more to the point, have some helpful person build a
    add-on that put snmp into the wrt54g, and add some mrtg like stats to the status page..

    what do you all think :?:
  2. kubark42

    kubark42 Network Guru Member

    I assume you're talking about this thread when you mention rrdtools. I didn't actually put rrdtools on the WRT54G. I don't know if I could. It might well be too big to put everything there.

    RRDs tend to be pretty small (8MB), but pretty small is not small enough. They need to be _very_ small. I put it on another linux machine that polls all my WRT54Gs at regular intervals. (It's for a wireless network at a university)

    As for snmp, I don't know how to do it, but it can't be that difficult since other firmwares already incorporate it. I for one would much appreciate snmp since it'd be a lot easier to analyze than the rrd scripts that I had to create.
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