Get 2 different routers to work together in LAN

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by semmel, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. semmel

    semmel Network Guru Member


    I have had a NetGear wired router for a while, but I got a good deal for a LinkSys wireless router and a noname USB wireless card for my laptop (the only PC with wireless). I have the laptop and the wireless router working together.

    My question is:
    Can I set the Linksys Router in a way that will not only let internet through to the laptop but also keep the laptop via wireless on the same IP range as my other PCs on the old router, thus allowing the LAN to keep working?

    My LAN is on (old router) and higher. The old router uses DHCP to get the WAN IP from the cable modem.

    I tried setting wireless to and higher but then the laptop can only get internet, no LAN connection.
    I tried setting wireless to with DHCP to start at .101 (old router goes up to 100) which also didn't work.
    I guess I can't have two DHCP devices...

    Ideally, I want the wireless router to work like a hub for now. Sooner or later I might replace the old router with the new one, but not yet.

    I'm sure it can be done, but I can't figure out how.

    Or is there a way to get from a .0.1 network into a .1.1?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!
  2. nani

    nani Network Guru Member

    change your linksys router to,disable dhcp in that router and dont use its internet port,connect a cable between lan port of first router to the lanport of second router.then it will work fine.
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    In addition under advanced routing set your Linksys as a router and not a gateway. The problem was that your Linksys was issuing addresses in a different subnet.
  4. semmel

    semmel Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your replies.

    I tried yesterday to set the wireless router to .0.254 like I found somewhere, but it didn't do anything. First of all my wireless device did not get an IP address from DHCP, and I did not get a connection from my other PCs through the old Router to the new one. I don't know if it was set to "Router" in advanced settings though.

    I'll try it again, but I think I am missing something that will make the wireless router transmit the old router's DHCP signal and allow a connection between them.

    I might also have trouble because DHCP won't work on my laptop sometimes, and I have to set it to a static IP and back to DHCP before it will work again, but that's material for another thread in another forum :)

    So again, thanks guys, I will try it again with the setting to "Router".
  5. semmel

    semmel Network Guru Member

    OK, here is where I am at:
    I set Advanced Settings to Router, RIP to LAN & Wireless, all other settings are set to empty or

    In Basic Setup, I set the Internet Connection Type to Static IP and gave it with gateway and dns to

    In Network Setup, I gave it the IP, and DHCP is disabled.

    On my laptop, DHCP won't work now - it's not my usual error, I am just not getting a DHCP signal.
    I set my laptop to my original static IP
    I can ping the new router both at .2 and .3, but I cannot ping my old Router at

    What am I missing?

    Edit: I just tried pinging my old router from the new one, and even that didn't work, i.e. cannot ping
    I plugged a cable into an empty spot in one of my switches and into the uplink of the new router.

    Edit2: I set the new router to get its IP from DHCP, and it got from my old Router, so there has to be some form of communication going on. But still no ping coming through.

    I'm not sure if I made it clear what I want: I basically want the new router to act like a hub/switch so I can attach wired and wireless devices to the rest of my LAN, all within the same IP range 192.168.0.x.
    Also it would be perfect if I could still have DHCP being started from my old router and still accepted by anything hanging from the new router, i.e. have the laptop still use the old router as Gateway etc.

    Thanks again for your time!
  6. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Do not connect your new router by the WAN port. Connect your new router from one of its LAN ports to the LAN port of your old router. Since you are not using the WAN port, the setting for you new router should be Automatic DHCP not static DHCP. Your laptop should be set to be a DHCP client and should get a IP Address from you old router. If you set the Laptop to a static addess, copy the DNS server addresses to the TCPIP setting of your Laptop and set the gateway address to the Local Address of your old router. Your sub-net mask should be the same for all devices.
  7. semmel

    semmel Network Guru Member

    Ah, that easy? Cool!!!
    I'll try it right away.

    Thanks so much!
  8. semmel

    semmel Network Guru Member

    Well, it worked partially...

    I now have the laptop in the same LAN as the other PCs, but the laptop cannot ping outside the LAN, and after a few seconds neither can the other PCs.
    I tried a traceroute to my ISP's DNS server, and it went to to to etc.
    I have to hard reset the old router to get internet connection back, even after I unplug the new router.

    So something is still up - any idea what's wrong?

    In any case, I think I am closer to a solution than before, so again thanks!
  9. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    That IP Address of where did that come from? Did you transpose one of the IP addresses, namely the local address of the linksys?
  10. semmel

    semmel Network Guru Member

    The Linksys router has two IP addresses, one it gets from DHCP, the other I set manually to
    I don't know if I actually need both addresses - I guess in normal circumstances I do, but in this case I don't - but I can't disable it.

    So the Linksys gets one IP via DHCP from my old router which is set to, and I have to set a LAN IP address which I set to

    I don't understand why traceroute takes only the .2 address.

    The Linksys is set to act as a Router, not as a Gateway, so this should be OK according to the help file and one post here.

    Any ideas?

    And another question: I disconnected the Linksys from the LAN and kept my laptop connected to my old router to have internet. I put the wireless card in to access the Linksys settings and set the IP for that card to which is not used on my network. But I could not access the Linksys which is set to I could when I physically connected them, and the wired laptop IP is, and then it works. Any thoughts?
  11. screwballl

    screwballl Network Guru Member

    ok i have a dual router setup that works just fine although i cannot share any folders between them if i keep it as a router, but I do have no problems connecting to the internet from either router with this setup.
    Main older router is SMC and newer one is Belkin with 54G support.
    I have SMC setup as (192.168.2.XXX network addresses) and Belkin as (10.0.0.XXX network addresses)
    I have SMC as main router that is connected to the cable modem and i have one port going to the cable modem port on second router.

    Ok now to be able to access the LAN, go into the new router and change the command where it says: "Use As Access Point" or something similar... this will let you keep your WEP or other security settings without compromising your firewall or other security settings. Make sure that DHCP and Dynamic IP is still enabled for the old router. This will allow your laptop to connect and should allow for it to get an IP. Also my Belkin had me set it at a specific IP so that I can get into it in the future as well. This will aslo allow for shared folder to be seen across the entire network. This basically makes your new router into a wireless hub or more specifically a 4 port + wireless access point router.

    In the linksys site:
    From the Network Mode drop-down menu, select the wireless standards running on your network. If you have
    both 802.11g and 802.11b devices in your network, keep the default setting, Mixed Mode.
    Make sure AP isolation is disabled.

    If you can't get it setup this way, it may be time ti switch the positions of the routers, use the wireless and main one and keep other router down the line as the second one and it should have a similar setup, to run as a hub or access point only but keep the internet NAT firewall.

    hope this helps
  12. semmel

    semmel Network Guru Member

    Thanks, but I am looking for a way to have all devices on the same IP range.

    Right now I am actually trying to get back into the router - I can't get in anymore...

    I'll keep playing with it.
  13. semmel

    semmel Network Guru Member

    Never mind, I gave the router the wrong IP (254)...

    So I am still wondering if I can keep both routers in the same IP range in a way that all the new router does is act as a wireless hub, giving the laptop access to both internet and LAN an DHCP from the old router.

    Another question: Can 2 NICs in one PC have IP addresses in the same IP range, i.e. 192.168.0.x?
  14. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Two NICs can have IP addresses in the same range. Check the subnet mask and make certain it is on both routers for local addresses.
  15. semmel

    semmel Network Guru Member

    Hm, I can't get a wireless connection to the new router when the laptop is wired to the old router and the two routers are not connected to each other.

    Still, is there no way to have the Router work like a Hub/wireless access point? I found no setting that says "access point"...
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