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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by blubb, May 27, 2005.

  1. blubb

    blubb Network Guru Member


    i dont know if this question is totally dumb or already answered (i didnt find anything really applicable through the search function :/ )

    this scenario is given:

    a local network with 80 clients and a gateway, all connected through switches.

    now i have a wrt54g and thought it would be a nice idea to have wlan so we can surf with pdas or notebooks over wlan.

    so i just connected the wrt54g with a switch, configured it as a AP (using alchemie 1.0 firmware) also set the gateway to the right adress on the wrt (in the basic setup page) (everything is in the same ip range/subnet, no dhcp activated)

    the problem is, i can see all wired clients and access them but i cant surf in the internet with the wireless clients. (though they all have set the right gateway and dns)

    what am i doing wrong, or how do i have to set up the wrt54g so that it routes the traffic correctly (am i assuming correctly that the main problem is that the wrt is routing the traffic not to the lan/gateway? )

    here is a graphic display of the topology

    i hope somebody can help me or give me some hints where i can find infos

  2. dribble

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    Further testing

    Welcome blubb.

    have you been able to run ping/tracert tests to the internet gateway from the wireless clients? Make sure that there are no filters blocking the addresses of the client machines and the ports that you are trying to go out on. It sounds like the problem could be on the gateway if you are able to see all other LAN clients.

  3. ssethu_r

    ssethu_r Guest

    Switch cum router network.


    I saw the network diagram. Went through the details. Let me give you the steps that i have done so far. May be it will be useful. Try this.

    1. What is the IP address of the Gateway which provides internet?
    2. Is the switch connected to the LAN or WAN port on the router? Normally switch should be connected to the LAN port.
    3. Did you change the WRT54G IP address according to the GATEWAY range?
    4. As the wireless is not working, when you hardwire the wireless computer does it go online?

    Try this.
  4. blubb

    blubb Network Guru Member


    yes i am able to access the gateway and i also see the other wired clients from the wireless clients .. i also checked if the gateway blocks the ip but it doesnt.

    1- gateway ip is the wireless clients are in the same ip range (

    2- the switch is connected through one lan port

    3- yes :}

    4- cant check that, i cant hardwire the pdas :/

    thanks for your ideas :) any more?
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