Giving priority to one computer on the LAN over the other

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Tolem, May 21, 2009.

  1. Tolem

    Tolem Addicted to LI Member

    I was looking at the QOS section in tomato (just installed it; first time). I don't need to prioritize certain types of traffic, I just want to give priority for all traffic on one computer over another computer on the network.

    So my questions are:
    • How do I tell tomato to not prioritize different types of traffic, just to prioritize one IP address or computer over another.
    • And also, am I correct to assume that I will now need to assign a static IP address to the computer with priority instead of it randomly grabbing one via DHCP? Or would I be better off only giving that computers MAC address priority (is this possible?).

    If it matters, the computers with priority are hardwired and the ones I want to have the least priority are wireless devices.

    I used to give anything plugged into LAN1 (first) ethernet port priority in the default firmware, and that was super easy... but I take it you cannot do this with tomato, unless I missed it...

    Thanks for the help :confused:
  2. kramed

    kramed Network Guru Member

    I give my hard wired machines a static IP but you can make a QoS rule for MACs or IPs. Tomato > Basic > Static DHCP.

    Then Under QoS > Classification you just add the machine IP or MAC address in the combo box that by default says Any Address. Just leave everything blank and change the class to medium, high or whatever you want. You will have to play around with the basic settings class speeds to tweak traffic to your preferences.
  3. kramed

    kramed Network Guru Member

    I just installed Thor's mod which is based on Victeks mod (both can be found on this forum). There is a IP/MAC bandwidth limiter page which is exactly what you are looking for including a download/upload ceiling and priority. You can of course change your QoS rules like I mentioned above also.
  4. Tolem

    Tolem Addicted to LI Member

    I installed the THOR mod and noticed that in the IP/MAC BW Limiter section you have to "Enable QoS Limit" to activate it.

    I thought it was separate from QoS but now I assume I am being held back by the same reason I was turned off by QoS because people said if you do not set your Down / Up Bandwidth correctly you will be adversely affected.

    My bandwidth maxes out at 1000/768 but rapidly fluctuates during the day to as low as 200/50 and all between that range. So if I set the Download to 1000/768, and im currently getting say 300/100 how will this affect the computer that is not being limited by QoS?
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