Going to buy WRT54G or WRT54GS - a few questions

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by laxxe, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. laxxe

    laxxe Network Guru Member


    I think I'm going to exchange my old BEFW11S4v2 with a WRT54G or a WRT54GS.

    I've read and read, but I still have some questions (maybe they're already answered - which I then haven't seen - sorry).

    It sounds like, some (older) versions (because of other chipsets) have better QoS support than others? Is this true? What should I look for? I need QoS that works (I'm using VoIP)!

    Which versions of WRT54G can be upgraded to support SpeedBooster? Is SpeedBooster only useable, when having other Linksys products (with SpeedBooster), besides the router - or is it always good?

    Too me, it seems like I should look for WRT54GS 3.0 (the newest one with 32/8 MB). Am I right about this? As mentioned, I don't know about it's QoS quality. Should I see if I can get on older model? Which one then?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    If you have a choice, a WRT54GS V3 or earlier would be your best choice.

    QoS support is a function, somewhat, of the firmware. All of the WRT54GS routers and all of the pre-V5 WRT54G routers can accept third party firmware that usually runs circles around the stock firmware.

    I use my WRT54G to feed a Vonage WRTP54G. The third party firmware gave me more refined QoS controls, and the QoS *seems* more effective.

    The WRT54GS V4 can still accept aftermarket firmware. But they stripped the memory down to WRT54G V4 levels. In fact, the V4 versions of the two are rumored to be the same unit with Linksys firmware tweaks between the two.

    SpeedBoost needs to be present in both the wireless ROUTER and the wireless CARD for it to work. So, if you don't have any SpeedBooster cards, well, a V3 WRT54GS still has twice the memory of the V4 WRT54GS or *any* of the WRT54G units. More memory = good, though my WRT54G's 16MB is plenty for the HyperWRT Tofu build I'm running, which is a VERY nice firmware.

    So, your call. Spend the extra $ for extra memory? You may never use it. But if you can find a GS V3 or prior for a reasonable sum, I'd snag it.
  3. laxxe

    laxxe Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your reply. It seems like, I can get a WRT54Gv3.1 (CDF9) - or of course the newest versions (of both WRT54G and WRT54GS).

    I think I've read that some chipsets supports QoS better than others. Is this true or not?
  4. laxxe

    laxxe Network Guru Member

    Well, I bought the WRT54Gv3.1 (CDF9), and have just flashed it with DD-WRT.
  5. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    Excellent. Enjoy.
  6. brucebeh

    brucebeh Network Guru Member

    Hey Laxxe!

    I WAS in the exact same boat as you, i had the exact same router as you before ;)

    Anyway, I got a WRT54G v4, installed dd-wrt on it, worked great, next day, see the WRT54GS for the EXACT SAME PRICE, at another store.

    did a price math, got the wrt54gs v2, installed dd-wrt on it, works great as well, no problems so far.

    I'm hoping to pickup a speedbooster pci card off ebay.
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