Good Signal... Poor Receive rate

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by D3monix, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Good evening!

    I set up my wrt54gl today with WMP45G pci card and something peculiar is happening.

    I'm getting very poor Receiving rates from my router... 1Mbps some times two. but my signal strength is fine ~-51 dbm to -65dbm, my noise levels are around -79dbm.

    I can't really move my router any closer than it is right now. It's maybe 25 feet away. I've been playing with the alignments of the antennas of both the router and the card.

    Also whenever there's some heavy-ish traffic my recieve rate drops like a rock. Ie. I play wow and when I'm standing still I've got a great ping and lots for Rx one I engage in combat I lag out and my Rx goes down the toilet.

    If the issue is with the OEM firmware I'm not against flashing it with another type (tomato.. etc) I

    Any ideas?



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