Got Interet, Accesing Interet, Install Wont See IT

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by tricklosan, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. tricklosan

    tricklosan Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G V2.2
    i have the intenet working on my pc through a d-link cable modem
    i am using the internet right now,
    but the install/setup for the WRT54G in not seeing the internet
    It keeps saying
    I've checked the TCP, its all set on automatic
    I've checked the LAN options, its set for auto detect
    What Else?

    Months ago I had the same problem, but all I had to do was use my Dial Up AOL, then the setup recognized the Dial UP Connection
  2. tricklosan

    tricklosan Network Guru Member

    The install keeps saying:
    " The Computer is not connected to the Internet "
    " Check your Internet Connection "
    I've been searching online for an hour, but still no answers....
  3. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Disconnect and power down your cable modem, router and PC. Connect , but do not power up your modem, router and PC in that order by ethernet cable. Wait a a few minutes and power up your cable modem and router and PC in that order. You may have to clone the MAC address of your PC wired NIC, depending on your Cable provider. Your cable ISP DHCP lease should have expired and any DHCP leases should expire on the the cable modem. Start your browser and type in the default IP Address of your router, which should be, this address may conflict with the IP Address of your cable modem. Configure your router as a DHCP client, depending on your Cable Modem, which may have a built-in router and DHCP server, you may want to disable the DHCP server on your router or set its address range not to conflict with addresses issued by your cable modem. Which cable modem do you have?
  4. will792

    will792 Network Guru Member

    Check if a router has IP address from cable modem provider. It is on Status page of router configuration page.

    After you connect a router to cable modem reboot the cable modem (power off/on) or clone MAC of your PC as previous poster described. It is better to clone MAC so you can swap router/PC connection without rebooting a cable modem.

    You should not disable DHCP server in the router since it works only for LAN ports connected clients. Your cable modem should be connected to Internet port.

    Every cable modem that I know of does not provide routing and even DHCP is passed through from cable modem ISP (cable modem only caches it). This way cable companies convince people to pay for extra connections.
  5. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    My Motorola cable modem SB5101 has a DHCP server on it and is a four port switch and router. It is only utilized if the cable modem cannot connect and to provide connectivity to the modem.
  6. tricklosan

    tricklosan Network Guru Member

    The problem seems to lie other than networking with the WRT
    In the very first step of the install,
    Linksys instructions says
    Run the install cd
    In the second install step it trys to automatically configure
    the PC's internet connection. But can't find it. Even thought I can browse the internet at the same time the Linksys Install is looking for the internet connnection on the PC.

    I can install the WRTXX when using my AOL Dial Up as primary internet connection.
  7. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The instructions vary with the model of the WRT54G and the type of modem: DSL or Cable and depend and if the MAC address has to be cloned. The instructions you are following is for cloning the MAC Address. They want to establish a connection to the PC to the modem so you can copy the MAC address of the NIC for your PC, Some cable companies record the MAC address and will only allow that MAC address to establish a connection. When you clone the MAC address to your router, it appears to the cable company that the original PC is making the connection. Cable companies do so so they can charge extra for networkng the connection. Some cable companies do not record the MAC address and even supply a modem with multiple LAN ports. Once you have cloned the address, power everything down you connect the Internet Connection to the cable modem, the computer to the router and power the cable modem up, then the router and then the PC.
  8. tricklosan

    tricklosan Network Guru Member

    i'm Sorry but I'm still lost.

    So the Mac Address on the Cable Modem needs to be copied to
    The PC and to the Linksys Router?

    I know the Cable IP Provide records the Mac Address on the Cable Modem.

    How does this affect the install setup for the linksys.
    I can access the internet on my win. Xp machine, but the linksys install doesn't see the computer is connected.
  9. nani

    nani Network Guru Member

    actually there is nothing wrong with your router.

    the linksys setup wizard is a shitty thing.its a waste thing.

    the same thing happens with most of the dont break your you are able to go online enjoy your internet connection.

    its a problem with the setup wizard program on which linksys also

    has stopped working.
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