Got WDS to work with split LAN/WLAN

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by hohndel, Mar 8, 2006.

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    In this thread 4Access gives an excellent description how to set up separate networks for the wireless and the LAN port.

    One thing that didn't work with this was WDS, which has been mentioned in a few other postings. The reason for that is that WDS needs a bridge device to work on, but the bridge br0 now just refers to the LAN ports and eth1, the wireless device, is separate from that.

    After some fiddling I figured out how to make it work again.

    Set up everything as directed in the post referenced above, with the following changes:

    Step 3a) Also configure the WDS part as usual

    Step 3d) Add the following lines after the wlconf-line:
    The red lines in the code above assume that you have two other participants in your WDS network that you have set up in step 3a). You can find the correct device names by going to he 'Administration -> Diagnostics' page again, clicking the 'Run' button and typing
    cat /proc/net/dev
    and then pressing the 'Cmd' button.

    As described in step 3d), you need to type all the lines in at once and then click the 'Save Startup' button.

    I have only tried this with WEP security - not sure if it works with WPA.

    Also, I still have some problems with the firewall settings (I had those before I enabled WDS, so I think that's unrelated).
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