Guidelines of OSHA

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    osha or occupational safety and health administration provides better working conditions for workers by providing adequate training and enforcing standards. OSHA can issue health and safety regulations for work, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The regulations include requirements for the use of protective equipments, requirements for safety procedures, chemical exposure and employee access to information. OSHA issues regulations in response to the dangerous working conditions of workers, many workers are involved in tasks prone to danger and risk their lives at work. OSHA enforces its standards on various industries, it sends compliance safety and health officers to work sites. They conduct various inspections and impose fines for various regulatory violations. Inspections are conducted in various hazardous work sites of industries, these inspections are planned on the basis of previous incidents, complaints by workers and other persons. Several thousands of work places abide by OSHA regulations. However there are also some exemptions as they do not fall in the scope of OSHA. According to OSHA employers are responsible to provide safe work site without any hazards for the workers. They should provide the work site that does not have any serious hazards and must follow OSHA’s health and safety standards. According to OSH act workers are entitled to safe working conditions, they have the right to receive training about hazards and methods to prevent them, they can also obtain OSHA standards at work. The training can be in the language that workers can follow.
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