Half-Bridge modem + WRT54GS -- external gateway problem

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by ketron82, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. ketron82

    ketron82 Network Guru Member

    I have simple problem with an external internet gateway.

    My configuration is:

    NETGEAR DG632 in Half-Bridge Mode ----> Wan Internet port of WRT54GS ----> PC Wired / Wireless in a large WiFi Network between mountain of central Italy

    The problem is simple but very difficult to resolve:

    1) if I connect directly the DG632 (half-bridge mode) to lan port of a Pc with windows xp......windows Xp in dhcp take the public xp with a external gateway and all work well:

    ip: 87.238.x.x
    gw: look that gateway that is external

    2) if I connect the DG632 (half bridge mode) to WAN port of WRT54GS (internet automatic configuration DHCP) I saw that the WRT take all the correct ip:
    ip: 87.238.x.x
    gw: look that gateway that is external
    but the problem is that internet not working. The Wrt make correctly the nat because it is on gateway mode. But if I go on telnet and type route I can saw that the gw is suppressed.

    So....I add manually a route and gw:
    route add default vlan1
    route add default gw
    in this way I can ping internet also for 5-6 seconds afther that the routes will suppressed.
    I do linux "ps" command and kill dhcpc application that could renew the route but the problem persist and route will be reset again.

    So....I set INTERNET STATIC IP but also the gw will be suppressed.

    I think that is a linux problem because googling I have saw that someone have had some problem with linux and half-bridge and bridge mode.

    Can someone help me???
    Many thanks By

    Patriarca Fabio
    Arce (FROSINONE)
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    I have seen this problem reported elsewhere with some versions of Linux, the default gateway is not in the same IP range as the IP address. Not sure what the fix is - different firmware on the router?

    I have been trying to work out how my adsl modem works in half-bridge mode, it gives my PC or router the same IP address as gateway with mask 255,255,255,255 which seems to work (mostly).
  3. ketron82

    ketron82 Network Guru Member

    Many thanks....I have tested the solution with ip 87.238.x.x and subnet but it is not allowed :(
    I don't know how is possible that I have this particoular problem with this external gateway!
    Have other people had this problem??
    Please contact us :)
    Many thanks
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