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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by adamis, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Finially a first post, I have been reading the forum for a year now but never joined - how about that for lazy.

    Anyway, I need some hardware advice for a new setup that I am working on. The specs for the project are:

    - Replacing current networking hardware (2befsr41 routers, 24pt dlink switch with crappy bandwidth and a linksys 5pt hub).

    - I have 2 4mbit ADSL lines comming in for my internet connection, which needs to be shared between 28 users. The current method is 1 connection into each 41 router, then one into the switch, and one into the hub - obviously not very every bandwidth sharring. Also, all users like to share files between eachother so that is another consideration.

    - What is currently happening is that the switch does not have the bandwith to keep up so it bogs down big time and has to be reset about every 3 hours. The routers dont have enough switching capacity to keep up, so they crash too, and need to be reset, about every 3 hours (you can see where the problem is).

    - My potential solution is to install a dual WAN router, uplinked to a more powerful 24pt switch, and then install a 8pt gigabit switch to add the extra users (i need 28-32). Either that or place the gigabit switch between the 24pt and the router, and get a 24pt switch with gigabit uplinks, and connect them togeather ... more interhouse bandwith. Alternitivally, I could use 2 linksys 16pt switches plugged into the router (but then it may bog down the router with the inter switch routing). Does this seem like a good idea, interms of topology and would it make sense?

    - For hardware, I am looking at either a Linksys RV042 or RV082, or a Netgear FVS124G for the router, and then probably a dlink (new) or netgear switch (24) with the 8 being dlink or linksys.

    Thanks For your help (and sorry for the long post)
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