has anybody ever experienced linksys customer services??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Dec 22, 2005.

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    Hi there, just a quick question for anyone who's had any experiences with Linksys customer services, and how did you find it. The reason I ask is because I've recently been trying to resolve a problem with a mains adapter for my wireless router, basically the unit is buzzing rather loudly and getting quite hot. I've sent them numerous emails, to which at first I got some sort of response, but in the last week I've sent emails, and just had an automated response telling me that somebody will get back to me within 24hrs.....a few days later, nothing!!!
    Today, I've tried calling the customer support number and got through to America by the sounds of things, and the customer support person, seemed a little slow, putting me on hold every so often, between taking some minor details, dragging out the call to 25 mins, and then telling me that somebody will email me back within 24hrs!!!!

    Surely Linksys can't have that bad a customer service???

    anyway, rant over....

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    yeh, i had mine quite good :/ called the customers service first, followed their stuff, they even sent me new firmware. i got email later on, ~1 month asking is everyting ok ? :) but then they didn't like my linux box + didn't admit that , that router is fully faulty ... these series :/
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