Has anyone actually gotton the WGA54G to work?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by FrustratedAsHeck, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. My forehead is sore from beating it off the wall.

    I have a MN-700 wireless router (I know, I know, M$ sux). but it works so I'm happy.

    Trying to get my WGA54 to actually connect wirelessly, and nothing works. I've tried all of the suggested tips on the linksys website.

    Can anyone offer any help?
  2. helsten2

    helsten2 Network Guru Member

    I have the same problem. This piece of sh... doesn't work! Have tried both WRT54G and WRT54GS. Tried both original and Satori firmware.
    Tried all the tips from the forums regarding configuration of the WGA54G. NO WAY!

    I then ended up running the Satori firmware as a bridge on the WRT54G.
    However, the connection to the AP (WRT54GS) is so unstable (even if they are within 2m of each other) that my XBOX will freeze within a few minutes if I am accessing something on the network!

    I am switching to wired!!!
  3. maxrep

    maxrep Network Guru Member

    I haven't had much trouble with my wga54g's but I'm running two and in ad-hoc mode. I'm using them to system link my two xboxes.

    But I'm not trying to run through my router.

    I am having trouble getting my wireless card in my laptop to connect so I can FTP and change settings on the two boxes.
  4. maxrep

    maxrep Network Guru Member


    I has those buggers working last weekend I swear I did....
    Now I can't get them to connect while playing a game

    I'm really puzzled... I have all the IP settings the same.

    I guess I might go back and try using the default option on the installer disk.
    The web UI seems a little flaky. The only thing it lets you change for adhoc mode is the IP address.

    That or just play some GT4 on the PS2 for while... we waited for that one long enough!
  5. nezermundy

    nezermundy Network Guru Member

    I have got the WGA54G and the WAG54G to both work and I have not had any trouble, the only porblem I had was disconnection, but this was because I needed to have some ports open
  6. ivtu

    ivtu Network Guru Member

    I'm using the WGA54g to connect a Sat-receiver and a Media Box via switch to my router.
    The WGA54G had a feature called cloning. By default it's on. I read that this is a special feature for the X-Box.
    This means that the Adapter will copy the MAC Adress of the device which is connected to it. If you've connected your WGA54G not directly to a device, but via a switch to use it simultaniously with more than one endpoint, this will result in a MAC Adress collision inside the switch. Set this cloning function off, the Adapter will support multiple devices via the switch.
    Another damned thing to mention about the WGA54g: it doesn't likes UDP datastream, only TCP. Whenever sending UDP data to it, it stops communicating immediately.
    Hope my experiences may help you a bit.
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