Has anyone been successful connecting to one of the free VPN services (OpenVPN or PPTP)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by ipse, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. ipse

    ipse LI Guru Member

    I have bounced this question several time in the OpenVPN load thread and in the PPTP one, but probably was not the best way of asking...
    So here I go, opening a thread before I pull what's left of my hair.

    I tried SgtPepper's OpenVPN (which I'm currently running) but it does not implement the user/pwd authentication without the use of a key. May get this one day, but for now no dice.

    I also installed 2 versions of PPTP (the jyavenard and DualWan ones) and still coul not connect to an open PPTP server (probably because the pppd daemon is already in sue since I'm on PPPoE).

    Running out of ideas...can someone suggest a way to tunnel SOME of my WAN traffic (route based) or even ALL using one of these OpenVPN or PPTP FREE services?

    The alternative is to use AceVPN (5$/mth) but my traffic requirements are so low I don't quite justify paying for it.
    AceVPN would work with SgtPepper's load since they use CA, Cert AND Key (as opposed to the free svcs).

    Thanks in advance....
  2. groosh

    groosh Addicted to LI Member

  3. ipse

    ipse LI Guru Member

    Thanks groosh...I use the same version currently (I run an OpenVPN server just fine) but I need the CLIENT option to connect to an OpenVPN public server.
    Is that what you have and if yes do you mind posting the client setup.

  4. groosh

    groosh Addicted to LI Member

    Hmm... could not figure out how to get an image into this thing so, here is the text. Not the best illustration but I hope it helps.

    Start with Router disabled
    Interface Type TUN
    Protocol UDP
    Server Address/Port <IP> 1194
    Firewall Automatic
    Authorization Mode TLS
    Extra HMAC authorization (tls-auth) Disabled
    Create NAT on tunnel enabled

    Redirect Internet traffic Enabled
    Accept DNS configuration Exclusive
    Encryption cipher Use Default
    Compression Adaptive
    TLS Renegotiation Time -1
    Connection retry 30

    Your keys will need to mate up with the public keys on the server... I have included the first segment from each of the sections so that you may be able to better identify what file contents go where.

    Certificate Authority
    ... <key>

    Client Certificate
    Version: 3 (0x2)
    Serial Number: 2 (0x2)
    Signature Algorithm: md5WithRSAEncryption
    Issuer: C=<country>, ST=<state>, L=<city>, O=OpenVPN,
    ... <information about the server and the client>
    ... <key>

    Client Key
    ... <key>
  5. ipse

    ipse LI Guru Member

    Which service do you connect to?
    As I mentioned b4, the ones I tried do not offer a CA or client key which both are required for SgtPepper's build.

  6. groosh

    groosh Addicted to LI Member

    I am sorry, I was skimming through your post and I misunderstood what you were looking for... I do not connect to open/public servers, I run my own servers which I link up to.

    Until reading your post I was not even aware that "free" services existed... There seems to be a number of host-installable packages which make the claim of being free and secure. The few public VPN servers that I found in the last 30min or so all charge a cover fee, likely to support the server/network that is hosting the VPN server.

    In all honesty I am left wondering if when you connect to these services if you are simply tunneling your traffic over a "less then open" network, I would bet your packets are still able to be intercepted by those individuals sharing the tunnel with you. (just food for thought)

    Alternatively if you are looking for a way to secure your packets when you are away from your routed network, you can setup the OpenVPN server on your router and use the openvpn client on your laptop to create a secure tunnel to your routed network.

    Again sorry for the misunderstanding.
  7. fay_2000

    fay_2000 Addicted to LI Member

    i do every thing but not working
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