Having problems with wireless connections in my home

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Gary I, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Gary I

    Gary I Reformed Router Member

    For over a year, we had a Linksys e4200 running all the connections in my home reliably:
    4x laptops wireless
    4x smart blu ray players wireless
    2x wired desktops
    1x ooma telephone service wired
    2x tablets wireless
    4x game consoles wireless
    1x ipod touch wireless

    Earlier this week, it all came tumbling down. Nothing can connect wirelessly, though wired connections work fine. After spending a weekend trying to troubleshoot it, I decided to try a new router (asus rt-ac66r). The wireless problems persisted, so I decided on a new setup
    Modem -> Linksys E4200 -> Asus rt-ac66r (access point) -> wireless connections

    There are reasons for going this route, largely being that are wired connections upstairs and downstairs, and this was one of the few ways I could position the Asus in a new place while still connecting all devices. So there are still wired connections in the linksys and asus, but the asus is the only connection point for our wireless devices right now.

    Anyhow, 2 days later, after having flashed both routers with tomato, here's where I am. I can connect an Amazon kindle, Samsung android tablet, google nexus 4, and PSVita to the network. Our laptops, and the ipod still cannot connect. I haven't tried blue ray players yet. This is with a completely open system, there is no authorization of any kind required.

    The Windows laptops yield a "Windows cannot connect to Tomato24" message, while the ipod says it can't get authorized, despite there being no security of any kind in place on the asus.

    The Linksys is running Victek tomato, while the Asus is running a Shibby build. I have my suspicions I didn't set something up correctly in the Asus, that's causing this issue, but I'm baffled by the other devices being able to connect to the Asus if this were to be the case.

    Any help is appreciated, as my mom lives off her laptop, which is no where near a router to get wired. I'm getting both parents breathing down my neck about this.
  2. gutsman7

    gutsman7 Networkin' Nut Member

    If it is a open ssid anyone can just connect and also tamper with your network settings. I would suggest you reset your wireless router and enable wpa2 encryption.
  3. Marcel Tunks

    Marcel Tunks Networkin' Nut Member

    Is it the same SSID as before you changed the network? If so, did you "forget" the network on the malfunctioning devices before reconnecting?

    Is wireless enabled on the E4200v1? If so, is it the same SSID? If the same SSID, needs to be the same password.

    Before I get carried away with questions, screenshots of the basic settings on the 2 routers would be helpful.
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