Having Random Disconnects?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by pharma, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. pharma

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    If you are having random disconnects, maybe 1 exery hour, see the thread below for a solution that has worked for some people. See the comments by destro_23 :


    Something else to consider is XP SP 2 defaults to only 10 connections open at a given time. For people who want to increase the connection limit to whatever value they want, below is a link to some freeware software that will make the change for you. When you have the software go 'Special' --> 'Connection limit' --> 'Yes, I got it' --> then set your value. This is complete reversable, but the author posts a warning:

    "The connection limit wasn't established by Microsoft without a reason. It should prevent rapid spreading of viruses and worms if a computer gets infected. That's why they limited it to 10 connections at a time... Some applications, like, for example, filesharing tools, can't unfold their capacity when the maximum connection limit is too low. Please don't raise the connection limit if you don't really need it. Look into the event viewer (start->run 'Eventvwr.msc'->system). When you see entries with the event ID 4226, the system is telling you that the connection limit has been reached."


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