Having to re-set router after cable model re-start

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by suryax, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. suryax

    suryax Addicted to LI Member

    Hi Everybody

    Some times i don't get any internet connection from my cable modem (Motorola 5100 surfboard). In such cases, Time Warner cable recommends restarting the modem. I am connected to the internet in the following sequence:

    Cable Modem --> Router --> PC

    The way it should work:

    1. Switch off the router
    2. Switch off the cable modem
    3. Restart the cable modem (all the lights should be on)
    4. Restart the router
    5. Connected to the Internet!

    However, things don't work this way. If I connect the PC to the cable modem directly after the modem restart, I am able to get online

    If I try to connect with the router in the middle, I get no connection. Usually, I have to follow this sequence (instead of the one above):

    1. Switch off the cable modem
    2. Re-set the Linksys router (loose all my settings)
    3. Switch off the router
    4. Restart the cable modem (all the lights should be on)
    5. Restart the router
    6. Connected to the Internet!
    7. Re-configure the router manually to get back my previous settings

    Need your help to figure out why a simple re-start of the modem and router (in that sequence) doesn't work and I have to re-set the router to get on-line

    One more thing - I backed up my router configuration (Administration --> Config Management --> Backup) and after getting online, restored it. Thought It would work, but no luck. Couldn't connect via the router. Had to follow the above sequence (again) to get online and then manually had to re-configure all router settings

    Router - WRT54G. Version 2
    Firmware version - v4.21.1

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    putting a router in between gives the Cablemodem a new mac address. this means the Cable modem has to be rebooted to pickup a new IP from your ISP. if your ISP only has one IP address from you then the best option is to Clone the mac address of the PC onto your Router. this will then clone your PC address and the Cablemodem should work fine.

    try here:

  3. suryax

    suryax Addicted to LI Member

    Thank you very much Mr. Simon. MAC cloning worked. I think I knew a lot of things about routers, but we learn learn something new everyday...

    Tested this fix also - Turned off the router and modem, then turned the modem back on, waited for all the lights to come on and then turned the router back on. Worked perfectly

    Thanks again!
  4. bruferrit

    bruferrit Guest

    will this work ig I have more than one computer hooked up to my router.

    config is:
    cable modem to first router
    first router to my PC & print server
    first router to second router
    second router to (2) PC's
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