having trouble connecting with my new WRT54GX2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I just picked this router up today and followed the installations steps very carefully. After the part of the setup were I enter the SSID, encryption type amd the keyphrase. it connects with no problems. THe setup program then does its final setting up. At that point I lose the connection and cannot get it back. I have repeated the setup process many times with no sucess.

    BTW: I do have a Linksys Vonage non-wireless router in between the cable modem and the new router.

    Any ideas on what is going on and how to get around it? Thanks in advance.
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    You have to do a two router setup. Disable the DHCP server on the WRT54G, change the router local address not to conflict with that of the Linksys Vonage non-wireless router and save yyour setting. The local address must be on the same subnet. Re-connect to the WRT54GX2 with its new local address. Change the advanced router setting by disabling NAT and saving your settings. Connect the LAN port of the WRT54GX2 to a LAN port of the Linksys Vonage non-wireless router and power cycling the WRT54GX2. All this is to be done through a wired connection with the WRT54GX2 disconnected from the Linksys Vonage non-wireless router. There may be issues with the VOIP, but if you got the two router setup running it can be address later. The setup program is not for a two router setup, which has to be done through the web client intructions in the user manual.
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    I am baffled in a good way.

    THis morning I called Linksys tech. support and got routed to India. I had a hard time understanding the guy. He wanted to walk me through some stuff, but I declined knowing that I couldn;t understrand him and that this would get aggravating.

    I left the new router on, but switched my internet and vonage connection to the old router and started doing other things online. ABout an hour later, my network magic management software started going haywire, connecting and disconnecting. It could not find my router. I was thinking why in the world can it not my find my old router, since everythng is hooled up the same way. Then I noticed that it was seaching for a different router, a non-default router. It was the new Linksys router. I closed network magic (I did not need to be messing with this at this time) and wen't downstairs and unplugged my old router. I went back to the computer and I was still connected to the network. I was partially happy. I went back downstairs to plug the internet and vonage into the new router expecting to drop my network connection based on what happened last night.

    WOOHOO!!!!!! I was still connected to the network and now I also had a live internet connection. I picked up my phone and got the Vonage dialtone. I ran to Xbox and sucessfully connected to Xbox live. Everything is working flawlessly.

    I can't explain it and I am not losing anymore brain cells in trying to figure it out. Everything started working. I did not have to do any more setting up of routers or anything. WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for you answer and suggesstions. I am assuming that my linksys/vonage router already had a different local IP address and maybe that is why I did not have to setup two routers. Would you agree?
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