Having wierd problem flashing firmware to WRT54G

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by cwmson, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. cwmson

    cwmson Network Guru Member

    I having a very weird problem when trying to flash Hyperwrt 1.4 g firmware to my WRT54G router.
    I had been testing out the Sveasoft firmware...Alchemy-pre 5_3 version.
    I downloaded the Hyperwrt 1.4g firmware for my G router and followed instructions via Hyperwrt's website.
    I re-set router first by pushing in the reset button on back of router, flashed the firmware, reset the router via rear button on router and couldn't access the router setup page.
    Local Area Connection error: "Local Area Connection has liminted or no internet connection...etc"
    I tried rebooting router, computer....turning off power and restarting...still couldn' get to set up page on router.
    Finally disconnected my cat5 cable that comes from the computer to the router where it connects to the #1 LAN port and put it in the Internet port.....I could then connect to the setup page via and make settings such as PPPoE, etc...... saved and changed the cable back to the correct ports.....still got the Local Area Connection error. Tried rebooting, etc ......
    I finally reinstalled the Sveasoft firmware via changing the cables around again and flashing, rebooting and setup router.
    I can't understand why I couldn't get to the set up page like normal but could if I swithed the cabel from LAN to Internet.....I don't see how it even worked.
    I want to use the HyperWRT firmware but I can't get it to flash the router correctly.
    What am I doing wrong? I haven't seen a problem anywhere like I've been having.
    Need lot's of help :)

  2. Splint

    Splint Network Guru Member

    I'm also having this problem and also can't figure it out. My situation is exactly like cwmson, as I'm using Sveasoft 5.3 and tried to upgrade to HyperWRT 1.4.

    I can add the following info:
    From my laptop I can acess the Internet wirelessly, when the Internet is connected to the router. My Internet provider assigns an IP adress to me using DHCP. This is normally assigned to the router, but in this case it is assigned to the wireless netcard in my laptop. This way I can't access the web interface of the router from my laptop.

    If I disconnect the router from the Internet and try to connect my laptop to the router, then my laptop is assigned an IP by DCHP in the router. I am then able to access the web interface on the router.

    I also tried the new original Linksys firmware 3.01.3 with the same result.

    Does anyone have any ideas or seen this issue elsewhere?

    The router is v1 if that changes anything.
  3. fatoil

    fatoil Network Guru Member

    have u tried to press reset button for 30 seconds after u flash the firmware?
  4. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    From the Linksys site:

    There have actually been some past posts related to migrating to HyperWRT from sveasoft. You might want to do a forum search, but I believe the common solution was related to the Linksys quote above on "Resetting Routers" following firmware upgrades.

    In a past post Avenger20 mentioned:

  5. cwmson

    cwmson Network Guru Member

    Splint, read second paragraph......

    I don't know wht Splint did, but I tried and did everything suggested and everything that others tried that got it to work, ie. rebooting router, etc...
    I finally got a new one and flashed with HyperWRT with no problems...the new Linky is working fine with the HyperWRT firmware.

    Splint, the thing I did on my old Linky to finally get it to work was to NOT reboot the router and it worked fine.

    Now I have 2 WRT54G's......ain't life great! :D
  6. koitsu

    koitsu Network Guru Member

    This sounds like a problem I've been mentioning to WRT* developers for a long time (which goes in one ear and out the other) -- NVRAM variable conflicts.

    All the different firmwares share the same NVRAM variables (some of which have to be shared due to the nature of some of the modules and included utilities) -- however, some modify these variables to include specific options for the firmware in question, and then never have a way of "restoring" them to the __true__ factory defaults. It simply re-initialises variables to what that particular firmware ""expects"" them to be.

    People need to be told that "restore to factory defaults" doesn't actually do that. You *can* actually restore to factory defaults, but it involves modifying your WRT unit to have a serial port, and firing off a couple "nvram erase" commands to PMON. It's generally a "technically-oriented" process to do this -- but it's something I had to do numerous times when switching between Sveasoft and OpenWRT.

    I really wish you developer folks would rely more heavily on filesystem-based configuration files, which are *guaranteed* to get nuked between firmware changes, and not use NVRAM space so heavily.

    Oh well -- crying over spilt milk...
  7. Splint

    Splint Network Guru Member

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

    I did the 30 seconds reset and cleared the NVRAM settings at some point. It might not have been in the right order or between the same flashes.

    I don't know what Sveasoft is up to or if it is his fault at all, but with his version 5.4a my trouble was solved, including my main reason to do a firmware upgrade.

    As I don't need all the extra features of Sveasoft I'll be sure to check out HyperWRT the next time I have a reason to upgrade the firmware.

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