Hello WRT54G drops =X

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by s0nlxaftrsh0ck, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. s0nlxaftrsh0ck

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    i had made a post before but it seems to be a dead thread...so im really sorry for making a new one >_<

    So i've been reading a few topics on here. And noticed the talk about these 3rd party firware's

    I'm running windows XP SP2 on 2 Desktop computers and one Dell Laptop. I know the Dell Laptop does not have a Linksys network card. But 1 desktop computer does which is in my living room. The other desktop is wired to the router so there are no disconnections there.

    So between my laptop and my wireless desktop computer.
    I've upgraded the firmware to 3.03.6. I've gotten High Gain antenna's. I've gotten a Range Expander that MAY be defective because it will not work in repeater mode or something of that sort.

    My desktop computer is no more than 10 or 15 feet away from the WRT54G v2.2 router and it will lose the signal and won't find the signal again for a good 5 or 10 mins.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any replies ^_^
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

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