HELLP!Connect SMC 2655(WithOut WDS) to LnkSys(WDS supported)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by burglar, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. burglar

    burglar Network Guru Member

    I have two AP(SMC 2655w v2
    and LinkSys WRT54GS). I need to connect SMC which works with three
    modes(AP,REPEATER and
    I set up the SMC on AP+REPEATER, enable the DHCP Client. On the other
    side there is a LinkSys WRT54GS which has WDS with LAN enabled, MAC
    adress of
    the SMC etc. The wireless signal was there, around (-70,-80db) and the
    SMC can just connect through the ADSL modem(D-Link- conected on the
    Linksys) on the internet. BTW , on the SMC ethernet port there is connected
    a client PC which would use the internet.

    The WRT54 Linksys router DHCP server gives him a IP adress but the
    problem is: I can't see anybody on network and i can't ping myself and
    Can someone give me instruction how is it posible to connect diferent AP
    with diferend standards. SMC2655W doesn't have WDS!

    p.s. after connecting the Linksys WRT54GS an the SMC 2655w as
    mentioned above there are problems with the routing from the WRT54,
    DHCP fails and
    PC-s connected wirelessly or through cable to the WRT54 can't dial he
    ADSL modem and have limited or no connectivity errors popping up
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