Help: ActionTec 701 + Linksys WRTGS router?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sherifffruitfly, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. sherifffruitfly

    sherifffruitfly Network Guru Member

    Hi all,

    I just got dsl, and bought the ActionTec dsl modem/router at compusa. To configure it, I have to take the router out of the network altogether, and connect the ActionTec directly to my computer.

    I would very much like the network to be connected in the following manner: wall -> ActionTec -> Linksys -> computers on the network.

    When I tried simply plugging in the Linksys in the physically appropriate spot, everything went down, and I had to remove it, and re-setup the dsl modem.

    Is my desired setup possible? Lil help please?

    Thanks for anything!

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Try clicking on the Linksys Help to the left and search for DSL with WRT54G

    this should give you some examples of how to connect then router and dsl modem
  3. sherifffruitfly

    sherifffruitfly Network Guru Member

    ROFL - it never occurred to me that the manufacturer'site could possibly be helpful (cynical).

    I'll check it out!
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